How to start an online gambling business in 6 simple steps

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Online gambling is an activity that has been embraced all over the world. As such, people who run online gambling businesses can attest that it is quite a lucrative activity.

One thing that you need to bear in mind is that the iGaming industry is flooded and therefore you have to do something unique that sets you apart from your competitors.

There are things that you will need as a business person when you decide to do your online gambling business. Some of these things include a gambling license, a dedicated server, a software brand that is recognized and a merchant account. However, you also need to consider a few factors here and there and we will help you with some of them.

 Factors to consider before starting an online gaming website

Have a reliable iGaming software provider

Before venturing into the iGaming industry you already know that a well-established software provider goes a long way in ensuring the success of an online gaming platform. The software provider you choose will determine whether or not players will be attracted to your business. As a business person, you need to know the various options in terms of quality of service offered by the software brand. You need to have a software provider that is flexible and fully customized.

Having a fully customized software provider will enable you to have control over the entire gaming process such as the payment processing system, ability to operate your casino and the ability to lease the software. There are things that a software provider should be able to contain in terms of white-label solutions.

  • It should support payment options with multi-currency support
  • Have a large coverage of betting markets
  • A gambling license
  • Customer support system

Decide what you want to include for your customers on your online gaming website

This will need you to answer some few questions such as:

  • The kind of software brand that you will use
  • The type of games that will be offered such as slots, roulette among others
  • Will you have a live casino option?
  • Will in-play sports betting be included?
  • Will there be live chat customer support, the bonuses, and promotions?

These questions will need you to thin widely as you choose your iGaming provider. This will help you expand in the future in case you decide to integrate other contents on your website.

Obtain a gambling license from the targeted jurisdiction

Of course, as a person who wants to venture in the online gaming industry, you are aware that a valid gaming license from a reliable jurisdiction is a must-have. This will enable your target customers to identify with you and trust your casino brand. There are various regulations that you must abide by to obtain a license from the jurisdiction you have in mind. There are some monopolies that dominate the gaming industry:

  • The countries that regulated and imposed monopolies
  • Those that regulated online gambling within their territories
  • Those that banned betting activities within their territories
  • The countries that have no regulations on gambling activities

There are several gaming jurisdictions such as Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, Alderney, and the Isle of Man. You need to consider some factors when choosing a jurisdiction such as the reputation, the licensing requirements, and the costs and taxes.

A reliable payment system provider

Players enjoy playing at an online casino to make money. To enjoy online gambling at any of the casinos at players need to have dedicated payment system providers. It is important as the business person to have an agreement brought forward between you and you’re preferred payment providers. The payment methods you choose need to deliver the following; they must have a full range of complete services; they must support multiple currencies; they must be able to detect fraud and many more.

Develop the design of your website

The design of your website matters a lot. You now that first impression goes a long way to attract players to your casino. You need to ensure that your website has just the right amount of graphics; they should not be so many that they tend to slow your website and affect your online gaming experience. You should also not choose designs that are complicated and demand too many resources, such as movies and other integrated visuals. Your front end should ensure seamless integration with your database.

Have a sound marketing strategy such as loyalty and retention programs

Loyalty and retention programs bring customers to your doorstep. To know which programs to incorporate, you need to do your research and find out what your competitors are offering.

Loyalty Programs: they include sign up bonuses, deposit bonuses, free bets and no-deposit bonuses.

Retention programs: these are meant to ensure you keep your customers. They include Frequent Player Points, VIP Loyalty programs, promotions, and seasonal events among others.


We can all agree that it takes a lot to start an online gaming business. Online gaming licenses play a major part in the startup process. You need to stay updated on the ongoing trends so that you do not become extinct in the business.