How to play Nintendo games in iPhone using HappyChick Emulator for iOS 13


So many consoles, so many games to choose from. While Cydia offered a fantastic range of games emulators, generally, you would have to download one emulator for one console.

It soon gets tiresome having to keep switching between emulators to play different games. You don’t need to do that anymore and nor do you need to install a jailbreak, not with a new emulator app called HappyChick.

What is HappyChick?

HappyChick is an emulator app that offers support for several different platforms, including Gameboy Advance, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, PS1, Nintendo 64, and more. Not only do you get to play games from all these consoles, but you can also use Happy Chick to download other ROMs and automatically launch them from within the app.

App Features:

HappyChick offers many features to provide users with a great experience:

  • Multiple consoles supported
  • Chinese language console but games are in the English language
  • Built-in browser
  • Download ROMS
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable on-screen controller
  • Game speed can be changed to suit you
  • No need to install a jailbreak
  • Supports all iOS devices from iOS 9 upwards, including iOS 13
  • Easy to download

How to Download Happy Chick Emulator App:

Because Happy Chick offers users the chance to play console games on their devices, Apple won’t allow it in the app store – they will not support anything other than iOS games. That doesn’t mean you can’t have it because there are two other simple methods to download it:

Method 1: Emus4U App Installer

Emus4U is an unofficial app installer full of third-party content. Inside, you will find top iOS apps , tweaked stock apps, modified games, Cydia tweaks, and much more, including several games emulators.

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Download Emus4U App Installer straight into your iPhone or iPad using the linked guide
  2. When the icon is on your home screen, tap on it to open the installer
  3. Use the built-in search box to find Happy Chick
  4. Tap on it and tap Get
  5. The app page will come up, tap on Install and wait
  6. When it’s finished, Happy Chick will be on your device

Method 2: IPA File

With this method, you are only installing Happy Chick; you don’t get the choice of content you get with Emus4U. This uses Cydia Impactor and your computer to install the app onto your device, and you will also need to have your Apple ID to hand:

  1. Download the Happy Chick IPA file and save it on your computer desktop
  2. Download Cydia Impactor tool
  3. Plug in your iPhone or iPad and open Cydia Impactor
  4. When your iOS device has been detected, you can drag the IPA file and drop it into the window
  5. Put your Apple details in and wait
  6. When Cydia Impactor has installed Happy Chick on your device, it’s all yours to use

Fix the Untrusted Developer Error:

No matter what unofficial content you install, when you try to open it on your iPhone or iPad, you will most likely be faced with an Untrusted Developer Error. Don’t worry because this is easy to resolve. When you see the error message, make sure you note down the developer name:

  1. Open your iOS Settings app and go to the General section
  2. Tap on Profiles and Device Management
  3. A list of app profiles will appear, find and tap on the developer name from the error message
  4. Tap the Trust button and close your Settings app down
  5. Repeat for any unofficial content

You shouldn’t have any trouble using Happy Chick and Emus4U once you have done this.

How to Use HappyChick to Download ROMS:

If you want games that are not in the app, downloading them is quite simple:

  1. Open Happy Chick
  2. Tap the built-in browser and type in the name of the game you are looking for
  3. Choose one of the download links that loads – try to make sure you are only downloading from a reputable site
  4. Wait; when the ROM has been installed go back to the main HappyChick screen – the icon should be there

That’s all you need to do. Now you can play any of your favorite console games on your iPhone or iPad without any trouble at all.


As with any emulator app, HappyChick comes with a certain amount of risk, not least the use of ROMs. Short for Read-Only-Memory, a ROM is a software version of the cartridges or disks that you would play on a games console. These are illegal to download unless you physically own that disc or cartridge so be aware that, should you choose to download external ROMs, you are doing so at your own risk.

You should also ensure that any external ROMs are only downloaded from reputable sources and you should use decent anti-virus software on your device, just to ensure your own safety.

Is HappyChick Safe to Use:

Absolutely. The developers have put a lot of time and effort into building an emulator app that is 100 safe and secure for you to use. Quite apart from the testing at every stage of development, the emulator app was given to beta testers and given a clean bill of health; we ran our own tests on it too and can happily confirm it is safe to use. Another reason why it is safe is that, unlike Cydia, it doesn’t hack into the root of your device, and that means it doesn’t leave your iPhone or iPad vulnerable to potential external attacks. Using the same permissions as any standard app, HappyChick is one of the easiest, most reliable, and safest of emulator apps.

HappyChick is the latest in a long line of emulator apps released outside of a jailbreak. It is different from many others in that it offers support for multiple consoles and not just one. It is an easy app to use, compatible with most iOS devices and iOS versions and offers one-click support; no need for separate emulators anymore, just one click and you can play any supported console game. Don’t miss out on the latest and one of the most promising emulator apps to be released; download HappyChick today and enjoy all the best in mobile console gaming.

Photo by wu yi on Unsplash