How to identify high quality CBD

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The CBD market is booming, with improved education and a change in regulations from various governments the benefits of CBD are coming to light everyday, and in turn the substance is becoming more and more widely available.

Whilst it is good news that increasingly more people are learning how CBD can improve their quality of life and relieve them of certain ailments, in a new and largely unregulated market there cautions to be taken.

As this is a new subject for many people, initially it can be challenging to acquire all the necessary information, it is important to be cautious about low grade CBD producers who are simply trying to cash in to a new market, and by the same token for consumers to know which CBD products are of high quality.

In this article we will review the ways to identify high quality CBD oil, so that you can be sure that you are purchasing only the best product for your body.

Starting at the beginning of the process, an important factor to consider is where the hemp plant is grown. Across the US Colorado and California are amongst the states considered to have the highest-quality CBD, however if we turn our heads eastwards Europe has become one of the best hemp producers in the world.

Ultimately this comes down to the EU’s strict agricultural regulations, which European countries must follow.

Subsequently Europe is producing some of the purest hemp and CBD products. Natural factors are also integral to the quality of the hemp. The cannabis plant (of which hemp is part of the family) is what is known as a ‘hyper-accumulator’, which means it absorbs contaminants from both the air and the soil.

You wouldn’t eat food which had been left out and contaminated, so why would the raw components of your CBD oil be any different? When buying CBD oil be sure to do your research about where it was grown, and if a company isn’t outwardly displaying this to the customer perhaps they should not be trusted.

Another way of ensuring the CBD oil that you are purchasing was grown in a safe, controlled, and high quality environment is by verifying the CoA (Certificate of Analysis) or CoV (Certificate of Verification) which should be provided on the producer’s website.

These documents are acquired via third party laboratory testing, the tests should tell you the percentage of CBD in the oil, the present terpenes and phytocannabinoids, as well as the conditions in which it was grown – factors such as pesticides, metal residues and other contaminants.

Testing for Certificates of Analysis can cost up to four figures, low grade operations will not be willing to pay for these verifications, not to mention that they would expose the inauthenticity of their operation, so look out for these as a sign of quality.

If a company has paid for these tests they will be displayed on their website (for example Reakiro CBD lab results), if you are unable to find them do not hesitate to get in touch with the company before buying their product.

In order for CBD oil to be legally sold and distributed across Europe and the US the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level must be less than 0.3%. THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana that induces the feeling of being ‘high’.

Being thorough and finding the exact level of THC in your products is important not only to know what is going into your body, but also to ensure its legality in your country or state and to understand whether the THC levels would be present on a drug test.

Legitimate manufacturers will provide data showing the exact chemical levels in their products, and you can even find CBD producers with an untraceable amount of THC.

cbd products Reakiro
Reakiro products

We suggest checking out Reakiro as a first stop for your CBD products. Reakiro is an ambitious European company made up of a team of professionals who share a core value – reintroducing hemp and supporting millions of people around the world to enjoy a healthier life, the way mother nature intended.

To ensure that their products are of only the highest quality Reakiro selected the best flower strains for cultivation, chose the region of Poland with the most favourable climate, and found the most experienced professionals in Europe.

When looking for your next high quality CBD product be sure to head to their website where you will be able to find their entire range of high quality products, all accompanied by Certificates of Analysis, verified by independent European third party laboratories.

Your body deserves only the best, so make sure you treat it in a way which would make Mother Nature proud!