How to find the perfect linear shower drain?


After a stressful day at work or doing other routine work, we all want to take a nice, warm shower.

Getting the best shower designs is as important to most people as any additional space within the home.

When we’re on shower topic, we’re going to talk about linear shower drains. Here we’ll look at what factors to consider before you buy your linear drain!

The following tips will help you select the perfect linear drain for a shower. First, though, we need to see why every bathroom today needs this sort of drain for showers.

Is The Linear Shower Drain Perfect For Your Bathroom?

The right linear drain suits your curbless shower perfectly.

Linear shower drains are things that range from twenty-four inches to sixty inches in measurements. Their shape means they can be mounted against a shower wall and fixed. The scale also helps designers and architects to choose larger floor tiles. Linear floor drains have a new and elegant look too. Perhaps because of this reason, their popularity is rising tremendously!!

It has found that the use of linear shower drain has become very popular within the past months. Linear drains are much safer than conventional pipes because contractors and builders spend a bit of time building them.

Typically, traditional, modern pipes are built using two layers of tightly packed concrete floors. It takes about eight to ten hours to continue. But the installation process takes just one hour when it comes to linear shower channel drains. You end up saving valuable time by nearly nine hours!

The Trugard linear drains are gradually gaining consumer prominence. While facing competition from other brands, they remain an excellent addition to the bathroom. Examples of these linear shower channel drains include the TRU-LINE Linear Shower Drains.

What should you look for when choosing perfect linear shower drains? Okay, we’ve identified a few reasons that are sure to benefit you!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning up your linear drain means that it remains clean and secure.

Another essential aspect to remember before buying any linear drain is the cleaning and maintenance process. Does your shower drain clog too much or make the floor flooded?  If you are searching for a linear drain, make sure that it comes with a removable basket to trap solid materials; otherwise, that would block it. You can then say goodbye to clogging by doing this. Remember clogging pipes is an enormous issue facing some households! Why do you want to get yours among them?

Cleaning linear shower drains is a relatively simple operation. Let’s take a look at the main steps:-

  • Carefully take off or lift the shower drain cover. Afterward, clean the linear shower drain using a paper towel. It is so that soap, hair, scum, or any other form of unnecessary material is extracted.
  • The next move is to clean the drain cover thoroughly, using a scrubbing brush. Choose a cleaning product that does not harm the stainless steel or the tile. Know your linear drain doesn’t have to lose its elegance. Should not use a dense scrubbing brush in this situation!
  • Once you have had the drain cover cleaned, set it aside. Repeat the same process while cleaning the drain or gutter base.

What about Safety?

We all want the best for ourselves and our family members. Similarly, we all aspire to a quality and healthy life. Therefore, selecting the best linear shower drain is a crucial point to always consider during purchase. Ensure the product you are purchasing has a good filter for the drain. It means the bathroom won’t be flooded with water  and creates a wet room drain. Getting bathroom floors drain all the time raises the risk of unpleasant injuries like falling.

How About When It Comes To Design?

Choosing the best-built linear drains and elegance is an essential point in choosing any linear drain for showers. We all want our bathrooms or showers to be of the absolute best stylish architecture. The linear drain designs come in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, when you walk into your bathroom, the availability of a beautiful linear shower drain goes a long way to create a stylish look.

The tile-in drains are an excellent example of better linear drain designs. Such pipes generally match perfectly with the tiles in the bathroom, and you can hardly tell the difference even sometimes! That you can see is that water disappearing via the wet shower floor.

Consider the Cost

Please select the most economical linear shower drain when it comes to the quality. Linear drains are more expensive than the conventional drainage system. It is mainly because they have higher quality standards, which make bathroom floors drains more effective.

The 28 “TRU-Linear Tub Drain is a conveniently accessible linear drain for the tub. You are guaranteed excellent performance with such a device at a relatively low price!


When buying a linear drain, one with a wide variety of installation options must be purchased. You can put the wall behind the door to the bathroom, or even the farthest wall in front of the entrance to the shower. Here your tastes and expectations make you purchase the best linear drain.

There will be contrasting viewpoints from different people on their excellent choices. Trust your instincts and choose the linear drain which meets your requirements and adds to your bathroom beauty and quality standards!!

Last Few Words

We have found that when buying the right linear shower drains, there are several things to consider. Linear drains are perfect for having a significant visual appeal. By offering an environment friendly, they are also excellent for shower protection and give an elegant look. Using the tips given above can help you pick your bathroom’s ideal linear shower drain. Only note that no linear shower drain is suitable for any project in general. Therefore always take enough time to find the best linear shower drain for your bathroom.