How To Clean A Green Swimming Pool?

Swimming Pool

Having a pool in the back is awesome, especially if you live in a hot location. With so many of us staying at home due to the current pandemic, swimming in our pools is a great way to stay fit and have loads of fun with our families.

A swimming pool is fun, but is it easy to maintain? This is something most people ponder on when thinking about getting a swimming pool.

A swimming pool needs regular upkeep. If not done right, you will find your once clear and sparkly pool in a slimy green state one day. This happens more often than you think. So why exactly does your pool water turn green? Well, there are several reasons, and we have discussed some of the common reasons below.

Three reasons why your pool water went green

Insufficient amount of chlorine in the water

The most common reason why pool water turns green is due to the lack of a proper amount of chlorine. Chlorine is added to prevent the growth and spreading of algae. So when you don’t add the right amount of chlorine to your swimming pool, algae starts to grow, and even before you know it, your entire pool would have turned green. It takes less than a day for algae to take over a pool, and if the weather is warm enough, it will accelerate the rate of algae growth. If there is not enough chlorine in your pool and an algae bloom, the water could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

Presence of Pollen

The presence of pollens in the pool is another reason why water turns green; however, this happens rarely. If there are lots of trees and plants surrounding your pool, the pollens end up in the pool. And unlike other impurities, pollens are too tiny to be removed by the standard pool filters. And slowly, they continue to build up over a period of time on the pool liner. Once the pollens begin to settle down, they will resemble the green or mustard algae. If the pollens continue to build up for longer periods, the pool’s water will eventually turn green. But unlike algae bloom, pollens are harmless, and it is safe to use the pool.

Metals In pool water

This is an unusual cause because there are significantly fewer chances of metals getting into the pool water; however, it is possible. The most common sources through which metals end up in a pool are cheap algaecides, water sources, and metal components of your heating system. When metals like copper end up in the water, the water becomes acidic, and the metals will oxidize. When there are enough metal particles in the water, the water can turn green. If you ignore this, the problem could worsen and cause permanent damage to your pool’s aesthetics.

As so you see, there are several reasons why pool water can turn green. So before you can find a solution, you will have to determine the cause. And for this, you need to get the water tested. It is always best to get an expert to analyze the water and find the best solution.

Can I clean and clear the green on my own?

To clear the green out of your swimming pool, you will have to chemically test the water and restore its pH balance. Given that the lack of chlorine is the likely cause of algae growth, you need to hike the chlorine levels immediately.

You can also add an algaecide supplement along with the chlorine shock if the condition is extreme; you can tell by looking at the color of the water. If the water is slightly green, a chlorine shock will be enough to fix the problem.

But if the color is way darker, you might not be able to resolve the issue with a chlorine shock. If it’s a very dark shade of green, then it means that the pool water was left untreated for a long time, and you will have to call a professional pool service engineer. The swimming pool will have to be drained and cleaned, which is best left to a professional.

Why Us?

Our swimming pool services include draining the pool and performing an interior acid wash to clear out every bit of algae and other impurities. These two processes are enough to restore your pool’s interior finish. But if your pool’s interior is highly damaged, it might need a re-plastering service. After our experts are done with the chlorine shock, they will check the filters and thoroughly clean the interiors. Once the chlorine shock is applied, the water will appear to be cloudy for a day. So won’t be able to use the pool for 24 hours after the chlorine shock application. Our team of experts can work on residential as well as commercial pools. Along with servicing pools, we also offer swimming pool installationservices.

How to prevent the pool from going green in the future?

We have already answered – How to clean a green swimming pool, but you also need to know what you can do to prevent this from happening again. The answer is quite simple – add the right amount of chlorine in the pool water. To make sure that you retain a consistency of the chlorine levels, test the water regularly. Also, do a pH test to ensure that the pH level is correct so that the chlorine can do its job effectively. And it would help if you also made sure that the chlorine levels are within safe limits.

You will need to put some effort into maintaining the balance, especially throughout the summers.

Another method is to get professional servicing periodically. Any irregularities and water balance issues will be identified by the experts, and you can take care of the problem in its initial stage. This prevents minor issues from snowballing into bigger ones and will save you lots of money.

Whether you want an intense clean-up for your pool or you need someone to treat a minor algae problem, our team of pool experts has the best solutions to all pool problems. Need instant pool servicing or cleaning? Give us a call today, and we will take it from there!