How to choose your clinic for a hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey hair transplant

With its almost endless coastlines and rich history, Turkey has always been one of the most fascinating tourist destinations.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of foreigners visiting Turkey has increased by 9.35% year-on-year to 4 million in May 2019.

Now, there is another booming sector that directly boosts these numbers. Medical tourism services in Turkey have been blooming really well in recent years. The volume of medical tourism in Turkey is $2.5 billion in which hair transplant industry plays an important role.

Turkish hair transplant industry is worth over $1 billion, and 5000 hair transplant candidates visit the country each month. Over 1500 hair transplant operations are performed in Turkey monthly 1200 of which are done in Istanbul only.

Along with other reasons, the cost of hair transplant is one of the key determinants for hair transplant candidates to choose Turkey. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey is cheaper than those of the other top destinations. In Turkey, hair transplant prices differ from as low as £1300 to £2500 in total.

Hair transplant costs in the UK, for example, are around as high as £13000 to £20000. This huge difference between the prices should not worry you. Cheaper does not always mean poor service. The hair transplant costs in Turkey are determined by the economic factors as well as the local labour costs. In short, you can have the same or even better quality hair transplant in Turkey for much lower price compared to the UK.

Right Clinic for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

For a hair transplant candidate, Turkey also offers a variety of hair transplant clinics. Only in Istanbul, there are around 350 hair transplant clinics.

Lots of options, right? So, how are you going to choose the right and the best clinic for your hair transplant in Turkey?

Cost of a hair transplant is important but in addition to that, a hair loss patient needs to think about some credentials, too, before deciding on a clinic.

A top-notch clinic should be able to provide patients with the utmost quality service.

All-Inclusive Hair Transplant Packages In Turkey

In Turkey, hair transplant procedures are offered as different packages. These packages usually include individualised advice, pre-operative consultation with blood tests as in the UK. Furthermore, there are accommodation services at 4 to 5-star hotels, VIP transfers as in round way airport-to-hotel and hotel to-hospital, hosting staff who support the patient during the entire procedure, translator services, and post-operative follow-up procedure up to a year with warranty.

If the clinic where you think of having a hair transplant operation provides such packages, you should also consider the following factors before you make your final decision.

  • It is always important to choose the best surgeon. Although hair loss patients usually do their research online and from community platforms, the procedure is different for each candidate.
  • Your own research and friendly advice may only give you a rough idea about the whole procedure.
  • To that end, you may visit a clinic website for a free consultation. Here, experienced case managers will comfortingly guide you for the best-personalised treatment plan. You will be asked for photographs of your balding, receding or thinning hair areas on the scalp.
  • Here, a good case manager should be able to stress that it is not the price but the suggestions by the medical expert review that does really count in.
  • A piece of good medical advice comes from the surgeon. The surgeon should be able to determine your hair loss pattern along with the future redistribution of your hair loss, and restoration at the same time.
  • The number of grafts should accordingly be accounted for. A good surgeon here should be able to offer you the right procedure.
  • Hair transplant procedures are not limited to only a few options. In Turkey, right clinics are those that offer FUE hair loss transplant, Unshaven DHI hair transplant, Sapphire FUE Percutaneous among others.
  • But, not everyone may need a hair transplant operation. According to the type of hair loss, and other factors such as general health and age, the right clinic for a hair transplant in Turkey should be able to advise you the best option.

In summary, the right clinic for a hair transplant in Turkey is the one that provides both the travel assistance services and the most experienced surgeons and their medical teams. The clinic should be able to put patient satisfaction above anything else. In this regard, clinics that offer a 365-day follow-up aftercare protocols do a good job. For instance, MCAN Health, a medical travel assistance company based in Istanbul, recently created a comprehensive guide to hair transplant in Turkey. You can read the guide here to learn more about clinics for hair transplant in Turkey.