How to Choose a Website Design Company for Your Business

Having an online presence nowadays is essential. Whether you’re a business owner or freelancer, having your own website is one of the best ways to promote yourself and reach out to potential customers.

Whenever a new user arrives at your homepage, their initial impression is shaped by your web design, the typography employed, product banners, and the overall layout.

When these elements synergistically create a positive atmosphere, you can expect to see remarkable conversion rates like never before. It has become more challenging to captivate a visitor’s attention. Selecting the top web design company is your first significant move towards devising effective digital marketing strategies.

Focus On User Experience

The quality of your website can be primarily determined by the user experience it offers. Even if you succeed in capturing attention within the first .05 seconds, it does not necessarily guarantee conversion. For online success, your web design needs to highlight your content effectively. As per a survey, 77% of agencies identify poor User Experience as a potential weak point for their clients.

Web design encompasses more than just the structure and functionality of a site; it also includes compelling content that persuades visitors to become customers. When selecting web design firms to collaborate with, scrutinise the standard of content they usually provide.

You can gauge their capabilities by observing how deeply they delve into your specific industry, the extent of prior industry research they’ve conducted before meeting with you, and their strategy to engage your target market. The content needs to complement the design, and any agency that prioritises looks over substance should be approached with caution. While an appealing website may contribute to a lower bounce rate, it is ultimately the content’s quality that will influence your conversion rate.

Check Out Customer Reviews

While the appealing images presented by agencies might be captivating, ensure their work ethic matches their aesthetic. One way to get a comprehensive understanding of their performance is by investigating what previous clients have said about them online.

While most agencies will likely highlight positive testimonials on their website, it is advisable to delve deeper. Consider exploring their reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook for a more holistic view. Authentic feedback from real clients should be prioritised over praises from acquaintances or relatives.

Take note of their mean star rating and the volume of reviews contributing to that average. A large number of reviews typically make the rating more reliable. Examine the latest negative review closely and understand the reason behind it. Are similar issues highlighted in other negative reviews? Most significantly, determine if these issues are substantial enough to be a potential dealbreaker for you.


For any brand contemplating hiring a web design firm, the cost is an essential factor to weigh. The scale and scope of your design project will dictate your final expenditure. Each potential design firm will provide a comprehensive list of justifications for their quoted price.

Ensure you evaluate different price quotes to establish if their reasons hold water. If a firm’s quoted fee is considerably higher, don’t hesitate to seek clarification. Gathering as much pricing information as possible during the selection phase will lead to more informed decisions.

Don’t shy away from inquiring about the costs of specialised services like e-commerce web design, routine maintenance, or custom content creation. If you’re considering paying more for these services, demand transparency and guarantees of successful results. Familiarise yourself with their pricing models. Modern web design firms offer varying pricing structures including:

  • Hourly
  • Long-term (retainer)
  • Project-based
  • Value-based
  • Performance-based

Understand the meaning of these pricing structures and select one that aligns with your requirements. If you require more flexible payment arrangements, ensure to communicate this to your chosen Philadelphia web design firm at the project’s onset.

Are they Implementing a Responsive Web Design Approach?

Responsive web design is currently the most effective method for website creation. While having a separate mobile website can sometimes be beneficial, responsive web design is the preferred choice. With the steady increase in mobile usage, your business website should be adaptable and easily accessible on all devices.

If a web design firm is not familiar with responsive design or suggests a separate mobile site, they may not be in line with current industry practices and may not suit your specific needs. A suitable design company will undoubtedly employ responsive design.

Investigate their Rate of Client Retention

The client retention rate of a web designer or firm could be a reliable gauge of their quality of service. If they have managed to maintain a strong relationship with clients over multiple years, it demonstrates an exceptional level of customer loyalty.

Years can bring about significant changes and challenges. If a web designer or company has been successful in retaining the same clients for long periods, it likely indicates their ability to help these clients navigate through substantial hurdles. Such adaptability to evolving situations is priceless.

Conversely, if a web designer or firm has been in business for a considerable time but struggles to keep clients beyond a year or so, it might suggest a deficiency in customer trust. A direct approach to understanding a designer’s client retention rate is simply to ask them what keeps their clients loyal or why they opt for other services. Asking this tough, candid question could provide insightful answers.

Seek a Balanced Approach

Every web designer has the capability to create appealing designs, but not all possess the comprehensive skills and expertise to consider the broader perspective. Your website stands as the high point of your online marketing efforts and at times, even your offline promotions.

It needs to synchronise with various components ranging from search engines to social media to eventually boost sales. Find a web designer who comprehends the entire process thoroughly and one who can bolster your online business presence, not just construct a website.

Assess their Ability to Create Valuable Content

Competent web design firms have the ability to collaborate with clients in order to manifest their envisioned websites. However, superior web design firms go a step further and are capable of crafting a holistic and cohesive customer experience for your website. This might be delivered through innovative content such as infographics, animated graphics, and explainer videos.

Ensure to look for elements of visual storytelling that introduce a unique aspect to their website, while simultaneously being informative and engaging, added Dollop Creative. These additional capabilities serve as a testament to a web design agency’s dedication to your visual branding strategy.

Do they understand the language you aim to communicate in? Are they attuned to the audience you are attempting to connect with? Do they possess a clear comprehension of your business goals and mission? The answers to these inquiries can be discerned by scrutinising their value-added or creative content.


It may require some effort to locate a web design partner that aligns well with your brand and business. However, the more research and assessment you do prior to finalising any agreement, the higher the probability you’ll be satisfied with your collaboration with the agency, the process of web design, and the final website product once the project concludes.