How Nietzsche Labs Allowed Wally Sajimi To Finally Delve Into His Creative Side

To reach your destination, you first have to begin. This is especially true for entrepreneurs. Instead of directly launching a business, people might need to build their net worth, create a network, or gain more experience in a certain area.

Wally Sajimi spent several years in the 9 to 5 grind before walking away to pursue his creative visions.

Sajimi started working for Morgan Stanley immediately after college. This was followed by a stint at the United Bank of Switzerland before joining the Business Development arm of Salesforce. With his tech abilities and interest in the fashion and music industries, Sajimi decided it was time to go out on his own in 2016. He left Salesforce to launch his first business, Endorsify, in August of that year.

Endorsify was ahead of its time as helped brands price creators user-generated content and price an influencers ad space. With a client list that included over 10,000 women, Sajimi found the perfect buyer for his company in July of 2020 – Her Campus Media. Even before selling it out, Sajimi had a vision for his next business, a unique one that would be an outlet for his creativity and tech skills. Nietzsche Labs was founded in November of 2018 and catapulted Sajimi into the realm of leading entrepreneurs.

Essentially a creative digital workshop, Nietzsche Labs builds websites, apps, forums, and almost any type of electronic communication one can think of. This venture allowed Sajimi to finally delve into his creative side and surround himself with equally creative people. This included a talented staff with an array of skills and innovative clients like musicians and fashion labels. Brands like Nasaseasons, PsychWorld, and Cactus Plant Flea Market have used Nietzsche Labs to deliver unique websites and other online resources to help them stand out and attract attention in a crowded market.

Sajimi has not only helped them achieve this goal but also resolved their e-commerce issues with unconventional thinking. When Cactus Plant launched a highly anticipated pair of sneakers, they had a strict limit of one pair per transaction. To make sure bots didn’t buy multiple pairs for resellers, Sajimi set the shipping charge to $1,000,000 for any customer that exceeded the one pair limit. Needless to say, this tactic was very effective.

Musicians also seek Sajimi’s artistic services to create amazing videos. He has worked with artists such as A$AP Mob, the G4 Boyz, Cinematic Music Group, and HiDJ World. Instead of advertising this, Wally has an effective tactic of keeping projects under wraps even after a release. He feels that maintaining a little mystery drives more interest.

Yet, this distinct style is customized per client, as there is no one size fits all solution at this creative powerhouse. Sajimi attributes his success to thinking through all aspects of his business and never rushing anything. He also credits his talented and innovative team with everything that he does. While Wally Sajimi is the main creative force behind Nietzsche Labs, it takes more than one person to deliver the workshop’s visions. His prime advice for all entrepreneurs to succeed is to surround themselves with a team that possesses the necessary qualities.