How mobile betting gained in popularity and why it’s happening

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The gambling industry is booming in the UK and in just about every other legal gambling market. This has pretty much been the case since betting was brought to the digital world.

Online casinos, poker rooms, bingo, lotteries and sportsbooks have given punters the freedom to bet when they want, without ever having to step foot into a land-based betting establishment.

There’s no question that online gambling is on the rise. There’s also no question that this rise isn’t only the result of faster internet and computers, but also the improvement of mobile technology and the development of higher quality mobile betting apps.

How mobile betting has gained popularity

In essence, it all boils down to improved mobile technology, greater smartphone exposure and the spread of Wi-Fi networks. Nowadays, it’s almost unheard of for the average person not to own one of these devices. In fact, more people these days use their mobile devices far more than they use their laptop or desktop computers.

Therefore, while the desktop iGaming experience still offers quality and convenient betting, mobile in general has taken over the industry. This is particularly the case for the sports betting industry, with an estimated 72% of sports punters using mobile bookies.

Today, there are several leading brands that operate in the UK mobile scene, including bet365, 888Sport, Fansbet, Ladbrokes and Betway, to name a few. Each one offers punters the ability to bet on-the-go by accessing the sites instantly via their mobile browser or through apps that are available for iOS and Android.

Sports betting brands learned to adapt to players’ behaviour as the demand for mobile apps increased with the number of UK punters opting to place their bets via mobile phones instead of using their laptop or PC. Although this growth has continued over the years, the UKGC notes that one of the first big jumps occurred in 2017, when the percentage of people gambling online using smartphones increased to 39% in 2017, 10 percentage points higher from 2016. Additionally, the proportion of online gamblers who had gambled using either their smartphone or tablet for betting reached 51% in 2017, which was 8 percentage points higher than 2016.

Now, to remain on top of the latest mobile trends, online bookies are doing everything within their power to stay ahead of the curve by making betting easier for their mobile customers to keep them coming back for more. The best digital sportsbooks achieve this by integrating mobile payment options, offering promotions exclusive to mobile, and using GPS technology to make sure racing fans are able to place bets in real time via their phones as the races actually occur.

Why Mobile Betting Popularity Increased

There are a number of reasons why mobile betting apps and mobile betting in general has gained notable popularity. Top reasons include:


Hands down, convenience is the number one reason for the rise in popularity. The freedom to place bets when you want, wherever you are, at any time you want, is a convenience that just can’t be beat. It doesn’t get better than having an online sportsbook in your pocket that you can access from anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re at home, at a football match, at the races, commuting to work, or waiting for an appointment, you’re always one tap away from making a wager.

Stay up-to-date

Sports betting apps keep mobile punters in the know with pre-game stats, betting tips, odds calculations, etc. Punters receive all sorts of information about the odds on the chances of winning, and can get to know their horse, jockey, trainer, etc., all from their mobile device. Furthermore, customers who opt-in to receive marketing and news will be notified via email, SMS and push notifications about upcoming and current offers. 

In play betting made easy

In play betting, which are bets that can be placed while an event is taking place, has become an important part of many punters’ online betting experience. This feature is big business in the online betting industry because it puts bettors as close to the action as possible. With mobile, live betting is particularly exciting because punters can react within seconds to predict the course of the game. 

Phones and mobile internet in Latin America

Casino operators and bookies sees a huge growth opportunity with mobile players registration from Latin America, in particularly Brazil (over 209 minion people) and Mexico (over 129 minion people), currently the Mexican casino field is controlled by clientele in the sport betting scene, the UK Bet365 is gaining momentum.

Easy to transfer money by phone

It’s a simple and quick process to load money into a betting account via a mobile phone, especially since the apps allow various payment methods, including eWallets, credit cards, debit cards and even cryptocurrencies. It’s a breeze to make deposits and withdrawals, you can do it any time you want, and it’s secure.

In fact, research suggests that mobile players are two times more likely compared to PC players to convert to real money play. This is primarily believed to be because they can place bets at any time and they tend to make more payments overall.

The bottom line is that each of the above factors create a very favourable environment for mobile betting. Moreover, these factors, coupled with the reality that more young people are buying smartphones all the time, is only likely to see the popularity of mobile betting continuing to increase in the years to come.