How HTML5 is improved the gaming world


HTML5 isn’t any longer a new kid in town. It has established a name reputation for itself in the technological ecosystem rather quickly. It proved itself a worthy and better alternative for flash.

HTML5 game development could replace flash as an outstanding design platform. It’s cross-browser & cross-platform compatibility and a dynamic update feature gives it lightyears of advantage over its counterparts.

The possibility due to its versatility is so vast that it’s almost too good to be true. Previously, almost all online games were being created using Flash Technology but now the HTML5 games are gaining traction. Companies which deal with online casino gaming and other online games are reaping benefits of HTML5 technology. They’re more flexible, dynamic and effective in comparison with the same Flash.

But what makes the HTML5 the future of the gaming industry? Can we believe in the forecast? Let us take a look at the major benefits of HTML5:

The game development in HTML5 does not demand vast resources

This is perhaps the main advantage of HTML5 game development. It is not demanding of resources. This doesn’t mean that it would be a piece of cake but it ensures that with a small team of developers, who are experts in their fields, can create a game as good as any.

An HTML5 based game can run on any platform as long as the platform understands this markup language. And with WebGL, an HTML5 game is a great competition to the games that were created using more complex technologies.

But with users loving Browser based games, investing in them is probably the best idea for now.

The love for browser-based games

The games that need to be installed on desktop or phone are too heavy and take up too much space that, in turn, also slows down the speed of operation. In contrast, browser-based games’ only limitation would be a slow internet connection.

It attracts a larger audience

Unlike Flash games, which are not even supported by iOS devices and require a separate application for them to run on other, HTML5 games can open and run on any platform, even on Linux. And that is why HTML5 browser-based games attract more players with fewer efforts. It’s cross-browser & cross-platform compatibility and a dynamic update feature sets it way ahead of flash.

Open source opens up fresh opportunities for improvement and innovation

Open source means that the user can alter the code according to their needs. That is why HTML5 technology keeps on improving and developing, in relation, flash is standing still. And on top of that, it is Search engine friendly as the information on the page is indexed by search engines.

People already know how to use it

Those who are already into web development and JavaScript skills will find HTML5 much easier. This pre-existing knowledge ensures a faster development and the expected costs will be lower than native app development.


Even if you are planning to create a game for only for iOS and Android, you are talking about two languages: Objective C and Java. But by using HTML5, you will not only cover iOS and Android, but you will also cover the much more broad landscape. You will have covered all major mobile and desktop browsers, and add Facebook to that list as well.

Vigorous Distribution

These apps would not require any special permission from the app store and play store, any lengthy approval is not required. This also makes the update process much faster because there aren’t any additional requirements. All you need is a network connection to use them.

Strong support from current market leaders

It is being pushed by companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. So, definitely, HTML5 is here to stay. It will only gain more support over time. All major browser vendors see HTML5 as their biggest goals.

The main aim of HTML I universal compatibility. With HTML5, it’s achieving this slowly by being device agnostic. Whether it’s a tablet, desktop or the mobile platform, HTML5 games work. The animation and graphic remain same whether it’s being played on PC, tablet or mobile device. The reason why contemporary developers give preference to work with HTML5 is that it walks parallel with modern technology and hence, it’s futuristic in the truest of sense.

Currently, HTML5 is in its infancy, it is long before it gets near to perfect and it is definitely not the best thing in the world right now. But the name it has garnered for itself in such a short period is remarkable, it will definitely be a star of the technological ecosystem in the coming future. Browsers are heading its way and they’ll just get better and better. HTML5 will most certainly be the future of gaming on touch devices.