How can screen use affect your eye health in digital age


We are living in the epoch of digital sophistication, which makes it impossible for individuals to stay off their screens.

If you want to remain relevant in this high-demanding society, make sure that you are ready to reach and open your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or a personal computer within a matter of minutes if not seconds because you might need to deal with some assignment.

It might be pretty urgent, so it goes without saying that you may burn the midnight oil while working on it, especially if you are a student dealing with endless essays, tasks, and assignments. All these ‘innovations’ might have a detrimental effect on your health because your eyes might suffer a lot from extensive exposure to screens.

Nonetheless, modern screen manufacturers claim that their products are completely safe for human health. This article has been written in order to tell you whether frequent screen use can affect eyesight of a human in the digital age.

Let’s Bust Some Myths

Of course, there is no way to deny the fact that computer screens have been harmful to people’s health. It did not boil down to one’s eyes hurting, as people would also say that the old computer screens have also been emitting radiation. Well, nowadays there is a lot of essays on health which can prove the negative impact of old screens on human health. However, when it comes to talking about modern screens, there is absolutely nothing one needs to worry about.

This topic has become a widely discussed matter in scientific and medical circles over the course of the last couple of years. Somehow, society has been finding it hard to believe that technology can be safe for human health.

Writing a PhD essay about the effect of screens on human eyesight has become a largely popular tendency in colleges and universities from all over the world. Scholars have started writing articles, and they wanted their students to write essays based on their articles, which refuted the statement that modern screens are somehow harmful.

The majority of scholarly essays written by professional medics prove that modern screens emit blue light. However, the sun is a much more powerful source of blue light, so it cannot be stated that the screens of today are somehow bad for your eyes. Every essay about health would tell you that blue light has nothing to do with your eyes and their health. Nonetheless, one thing to be taken into consideration is that children’s eyes might be more sensitive to the extensive impact of blue light. Hence, go online, find some health essays and articles and learn how to protect the children’s eyes.

How to Stay Safe?

There is, actually, a couple of ideas coming straight from professional ophthalmologists on how you might remain on the safer side of the issue. Regardless of the fact the modern screens are definitely not harmful, excessive use of any substance or product might eventually do you a bit of harm. So, make sure that you conform to the rules that follow:

  • Locate everything you need near the monitory so you would not have to change your focus frequently as it might be harmful.
  • Locate your screen at a minimal distance of 26 inches from your eyes.
  • Get yourself an adjustable chair because the position of your body, and especially your neck, can impact your eyesight.
  • Choose an adjustable screen that is the one that you would be able to tilt in various directions. The angle also matters and matters a lot.
  • Visit an ophthalmologist and get yourself a pair of protective glasses before it’s too late.
  • Search for some free essays online and learn about the neoteric methods of preserving your eyes’ health.


You have to understand that modern screens are completely safe for your eyes. Screens bad for your eyes are long gone. Nonetheless, you have to stay cautious and embark upon various preventative measures in order to flee from the need for embarking upon the healing and curative ones. Visit ophthalmologist once in every six months and take care of yourself because there is no job in the world that would be worth losing your health.