Google Play Store Introduces New Features

If you are an Android user, Google Play Store is no stranger to you. This online digital distribution platform serves several platforms on Android-powered devices, allowing users to download and access multiple apps.

If you are an Android user, Google Play Store is no stranger to you. This online digital distribution platform serves several platforms on Android-powered devices, allowing users to download and access multiple apps.

Over the years, Google has continuously improved its operational efficiency to suit users’ needs. One of the most challenging hurdles faced by Android users is storage. With all applications competing for relevancy and space, you tend to receive the ‘storage almost full’ alert, which is a dread to most users.

Ignoring this notification may harm your device in the long run, causing multiple malfunctions. Google noticed this malady and has been seeking ways to improve. One of the drafted resolutions is app auto archiving. Initially, this element was rolled out to users at the edge of their storage capacity.

This feature aims for applications that haven’t been used in a while in the face of limited storage. However, Google currently hints at the possibility of users having authority over which apps to archive.

The GApps Flags & Leaks Telegram channel cites that this feature may be in effect. Based on the whistleblower AssembleDebug, manual app archiving is very possible. However, there is a catch. This quality has yet to go live.

Its functionality is still wanting, so Google has made it a flag feature unavailable to standard users. The existence of this feature lies in the manage tab, the three dots that offer a drop-down selection when tapped.

If you click these dots when selecting an app and dont see the archive option available, that particular app is incompatible.

While initially, this characteristic was restricted to users at the end of the road storage-wise, Google displays versatility in issuing it out to users of any storage capacity. The archiving feature leverages app format and can relieve you of up to 60% in storage. The beauty of manual archiving is that you dont have to relinquish your data.

Archiving doesn’t necessitate deleting. You can still access our apps via a tiny icon on your home screen. However, while you retain most of your data, depending on the application, you may need to re-install some files when you wish to revisit them.

Google has also found a way to efficiently handle applications that haven’t been used in over three months. By discontinuing their access to specific permissions, these apps will lack influence over some aspects like battery life and security. This characteristic ensures your device is protected and works smoothly with fewer processes running in the background.

While it is fantastic and offers numerous benefits to its users, Google has yet to roll it out for the public to try. Its predecessor was an excellent strategy for curbing storage issues; however, manual app archiving is the superior option.

Most Popular Apps on Google Play

Google Play Store is home to numerous applications, some varying in popularity to others. While waiting for the new feature to be released, why don’t we take a stroll down memory lane and review some of the Play Store’s most beloved apps? You certainly still can’t have them all even through auto archiving, but there are some you ought to know and use.

1.    WhatsApp

Since Meta purchased it for $19 billion in 2014, WhatsApp has continually grown and revolutionized online communication. Boasting up to 9.6 billion downloads, it ranks as the most popular messaging app on Google Play Store.

You can do several things aside from texting on this platform. You can share media such as videos and audacious video calls and share locations. Its versatility secures it that top spot in communication apps.

2.    Jackpot City Casino

With this fascinating betting app, Canadian wagering enthusiasts are well-represented on the most famous Google Apps list. At Jackpot City Casino, you can engage in various slot variations designed with eye-catching graphics that keep you spinning reels for hours.

It is a decent online casino app offering several bonuses and attractive offers to improve your gameplay. There are other multiple prime substitutes, like North Casino, for players based in Canada. On this platform, fans can play for real money and enjoy big time.

3.    Tiktok

If you are a content creator or lover viewing multiple variations of entertainment, TikTok is the app for you. With over a billion downloads within the first four years of release and a record of 4.5 billion installations, this app shows no signs of slowing down.

Through TikTok, creators can record and share short snippets with the world. With the power to make you an overnight internet sensation or bring back an old song to life, there is no debate on this application’s potential.

4.    Netflix

Netflix is among the best movie-streaming platforms. While offering video streaming convenience to consumers at an affordable fee, this application records nearly 238 million subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Google Play Store has continuously updated improvement features to ease the lives of Android users. The auto-archiving quality mainly saved many customers in storage space. However, the future holds a lot of promise with the possibility of making this feature manual.