Global warming & skyrocketing drug prices are killing people

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According to USRDS (as of 2018), about 30 million of US citizens (15% of the population) suffer from chronic kidney disease, and in most cases they don’t even know about the problem.

One should also note that the disease specified can lead to heart attacks and death without the proper treatment.

What Should One Know about Chronic Kidney Disease?

The main function of kidneys is to filter the blood. During this process they remove toxins and excessive fluid and control the level of salt, minerals and water in the blood.

If kidneys get damaged and cannot perform their filtering function in a proper way, chronic kidney disease is diagnosed.

In many cases at the early stages of the disease one does not feel any symptoms, but over time one starts to notice the hands and feet to swell and to suffer from nausea and fatigue.

Chronic kidney disease may lead to a number of other health problems:

– anemia;
– a low calcium level;
– increases in the levels of potassium and phosphorus;
– loss of appetite;
– depression, etc.

It is also crucial to highlight that in advanced cases a patient may need dialysis or even transplantation. But if one turns to doctors on time, a prognosis is likely to be much more favorable.

That’s why it is crucial to keep in mind the major causes of the disease and make every effort to prevent or control them:

·       high blood pressure;
·       heart diseases;
·       diabetes;
·       excessive weight;
·       genetic predisposition.

If you face any of the problems mentioned above, be sure to have a consultation with your doctor and to undergo testing. And, in case it turns out that you should take some medicines, be sure to visit There you will surely find everything you need at affordable prices.

Sure, one’s habits also play an important role, to help your kidneys stay healthy, it is highly advisable to avoid smoking, to drink enough water, to stick to a proper diet, which means to eat less meat, salty and spicy meals, fried food and to increase a daily portion of fruits and vegetables, and to exercise on a regular basis.
And one should highlight that dehydration is one of the most dangerous factors that requires special attention. There are well-known examples, when it caused tragic consequences.

Mesoamerican Nephropathy

Mesoamerican nephropathy (wiki info) is the most well-known epidemic of kidney diseases in the history.

For the first time, it drew the attention of officials in the 1990s. They noticed the increase in the number of kidney diseases in El Salvador and Costa Rica ― the hottest places on the Pacific Coast. As for precise figures, since 1970s in one of the provinces of Costa Rica ― Guanacaste ― the number of cases among men increased tenfold and the number of women afflicted raised fourfold.

The outbreak specified has already claimed the lives of over 20,000 people. And thousands of other patients have had to undergo serious treatment, including kidney dialysis. As of today, doctors and officials have not managed to bring the situation under control yet. More to the point, they haven’t found the exact reasons for the problem so far. The majority of those who has been injured are young men working in the fields. And they do not suffer from diabetes or hypertension, which are considered to be the leading reasons for chronic kidney disease. In fact, they haven’t had any other health problems before.

There are several versions of causes of the outbreak. According to one of the most popular ones, victims have been affected by some external factor, for example, by chemicals used for agricultural purposes. That sounds quite reasonable, doesn’t it?

But similar problems have been also registered in India and Southeast Asia. And these regions are also known to be hot enough, that’s why officials have made a decision to focus on the problem of dehydration. Roberto Lucchini — one of the researchers who are working on this problem — claims that it is the first epidemic that is directly associated with global warming. Experts also suppose that there are other diseases that are also affected by climate changes, so, there is a chance that new outbursts will be registered in the nearest future. The problem of global warming has not been solved so far, and it has started to claim lives.

Why do workers have such problems?

·       When it is hot, they sweat heavily and lose fluid.
·       They do not always have access to clean water.
·       They may fail to drink enough water at home.
·       In addition, they rarely have an opportunity to make a break and to go to a toilet, because their wages depend on that.

As a result, the concentration of crystals in urine is significantly increased, and that may lead to the microtraumas of kidneys. In addition, it frequently causes pains during urination acts, so people reduce drinking to the minimum in order to avoid going to a toilet. And such a strategy makes things worse.

In fact, dehydration is a serious stress for kidneys, it affects their work and may lead to the formation of stones or even a failure. In the first case, a patient suffers from severe pains, when stones are moving through his urinary system. And if they are big in size, they cannot be removed in a natural way, so one needs to undergo manipulations aimed at breaking them. Speaking about a kidney failure, as it has been noted above, it is treated with the help of dialysis or transplantation.

As you probably heard, all the manipulations specified cost much money and require special equipment. Sure, workers that have been affected by the epidemic do not have access to such treatment. So, the optimal option for them is to deal with the problem at the early stages.

No doubt, some of them cannot afford even medicines. So, it is high time for officials to take some steps and to help them.

The Outburst of Chronic Kidney Disease in the USA

As you have probably noticed, global warming has already affected climate in the USA. And the news from Central America has encouraged local scientists to pay attention to the problem specified.

According to the results of one of the researches, those who work in the sphere of agriculture in the hot regions of the United States have also been afflicted.

So, scientists have tested 192 immigrants working in Florida and have found out that at the end of the day 81% of them suffered from dehydration. Besides, around 30% of them have faced an acute kidney injury at least once, and that has happened on work days. It is also noteworthy that the situation gets worse as the temperature raises.

In addition, hot temperatures are likely to affect other categories of citizens. So, scientists have determined that on consecutive hot days elderly people (aged 65 and more) face kidney failures more frequently.

There is one more risk associated with increases in temperature. “The stone belt”, i.e. the area where people suffer from kidney stones, is currently moving from the southeastern part of the USA to the north. It is expected that the problem will spread through the whole territory of the country.

The explanation for this phenomenon is simple enough. When it is hot, one sweats more and visits a toilet more rarely, and the waste that is supposed to be removed with urine is accumulated in kidneys and forms stones. And, as it has been mentioned above, as compared with crystals, stones do not get out so easily, they cause unbearable pains and often require expensive medical manipulations.

So, it is highly advisable to care for your health and to take precautions:

·       to drink enough water;
·       to visit a toilet without delay;
·       to control your blood pressure and blood sugar level;
·       to stick to the optimal weight;
·       to follow a healthy diet;
·       to do sports;
·       to avoid bad habits;
·       to visit your physician and to take medical tests on a regular basis;
·       to turn to a doctor within the shortest possible period of time in case of any unpleasant symptoms.

Sure, if you suffer from some chronic diseases, for example, hypertension, you cannot deal with it without medicines. And it is well-known that in the USA drug prices are the highest in the world, and there are millions of Americans who cannot afford to buy medications. This is why one of your safer bets is to consider generics, especially seeing that their availability at multiple pharmacies in Canada nowadays facilitate the access to those. Northwest Pharmacy or My Canadian Pharmacy are one of those we can name straight off the top of the head, but naturaly there are way more than those mentioned, you can check for the list of certified pharmacies here:

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Speaking about legal issues, there is nothing to worry about, too. Importing medications is prohibited by law, but, if you purchase them for personal use only, you will not be prosecuted. The FDA is focused on those who import drugs for reselling.

To sum up, we would like to highlight one more time: our climate will keep on getting hotter, so the situation will keep on deteriorating. Consequently, it is high time to take strict measures, i.e. to provide all the citizens with access to the top-quality healthcare and decent working conditions.