Gamstop – Coming to an online casino near you

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There’s little denying how much fun most people have when they play casino games online for real cash.

It’s exciting and fun for a majority of the people who endeavour to do so.

Unfortunately, there is a small body of people for whom any kind of gambling is a poison. The psychiatric community refers to these individuals as gambling addicts, problem gamblers and compulsive gamblers.

Keeping in mind that addictions are actually diseases for which there is no known cure, both the UK Gambling Commission and the United Kingdom’s Remote Gambling Association feel they have an obligation to try to protect the most vulnerable people in society. In the world of gambling, that would be minors and problems gamblers. The question is, “how is it possible to help problem gamblers when so much of the gambling activity is being done online?”

The Gamstop Solution

While the UK Gambling Commission has successfully put safeguards in place to prevent licensed online gambling sites from using predatory tactics, it’s near impossible for them to monitor the gambling activities of individuals.

Back in May of 2018, an independent source introduced the Gamstop registry platform. The platform is designed as a mechanism for problem gamblers to “turn themselves in” and request self-exclusion from access to online gambling websites. It’s not a compressive solution to potential issues with problem gamblers, but it does offer a layer of protection for the problem gamblers themselves.

If an online gambling site chooses to partner with Gamstop in this endeavor, they would merely have to voluntarily register as a participating affiliate. If a compulsive gambler wants the protection, they would only have to register on the Gamstop website and establish the parameters of their self-exclusion period (one month, two months, indefinitely, etc.). After completing the registration process, the problem gambler is immediately restricted from getting access to any of the participating affiliate gambling sites.

The Gamstop program is showing signs of success. The problem is there are still far too many available no Gamstop casino gambling sites that aren’t participating affiliates as of yet.

Will the UK Gambling Commission Step In?

Based on initial reports and data, the UK Gambling Commission likes what it is seeing, so much so that there are rumblings about the Commission making Gamstop affiliate participation mandatory. Here’s how that would work.

Any online gambling site wishing to provide gambling services, including access to what’s new from Netent or any other online gambling concerns, to residents in the UK would have to register with Gamstop as part of the licensing process. If a gambling provider were unwilling to do so for any reason, they would be subject to denial of licensing or suspension of licensing for gambling providers that already hold the requisite licensing. This step gives the commission plenty of leverage to create maximum participation.

To say there are rumblings might be a little misleading. The fact is the Gambling Commission is leaning heavily in this direction. It has plenty of public support, plus great support from problems gamblers who are sincerely concerned about where their gambling issues might lead them.