Football Betting to Move from Stores to Apps


The cancellation and postponement of sporting events due to the Covid-19 pandemic hit many industries, with betting certainly being one.

High street bookies were already struggling, with many having closed completely over recent years, demonstrating just how big the shift has been to online betting. Major football leagues and competitions have now returned for the most part, meaning that punters are once again able to back their favourite teams and players in the hope of beating the bookies. However, just why are online bookies and mobile betting apps now more appealing?

Football online betting apps are in demand more than ever, with such platforms now being the preferred option for a large proportion of punters, with their convenience, speed and ease of use helping to make them so appealing. Development in mobile betting now means that many see high street betting shops as being redundant, with the lure of online markets, odds, bonuses and additional features being too good to resist.

While retail might keep a certain appeal for more traditional betting customers who still enjoy heading to their local bookie on a Saturday morning, for the most part online is where it is at. A significant number of betting apps are now available, which are all fully licensed and regulated, while delivering a host of pre-match, in-play and outright markets. With so much being available at their fingertips, it perhaps comes as little surprise that punters are choosing to bet in this way, especially given the fact that it is now rare for someone not to have an iOS or Android device.

Mobile betting platforms are now also readily available on major app stores, making them even more accessible than they once were, with legislation in this area having certainly worked in the favour of bookmakers. This level of convenience is associated with betting apps, with the download, registration, deposit and betting process taking just a matter of minutes in most cases.

Bookmakers will certainly have welcome the return of action over recent weeks, however it is not just sports betting that has flourished, as casino play has also increased, with many having turned to this form of gambling. Many apps now come with both sports markets and casino games, meaning that users can move between the two at their convenience.

In general, online activity is on the rise – but not necessarily in all areas. The lockdown which was forced upon the public due to the pandemic meant that online shopping figures hit the roof, however a lack of sports matches and events meant that betting revenue was down significantly, with some less financially stable and recently launched bookies failing to make it out at the other end.

It remains to be seen as to what the immediate future holds for the betting industry and those operating in it, however one thing that is clear is that anyone hoping to be a success must ensure that mobile customers are well catered for.