Five classic games in which you are back in the money


Over there last few years we’ve seen a real resurgence in some of Britain’s best loved activities.

For a period, technology was having a detrimental effect on some hobbies and games, with the likes of Fortnite taking kids away from playing football and cricket and keeping them firmly fixed to their screens.

However, times are changing once again and over the last year, and beyond, some games are coming to the fore once more, in terms of both revenue and popularity.

So, what is it we’re all hooked on again?


It’s been the continual colossal rise of online casinos that hashelped its development offline\, with the market thought to be worth around $50billion.

That’s continuing to rise as technology improves and new variations of games and formats make playing online even more lifelike.

Live Casino has had a large say in this, with all the top names allowing you to play via video link. You’ll find many of them on comparison sites like those here, and the sheer volume of the site now suggests just how popular the industry indeed is.


Bingo has also almost been resurrected thanks to its activities online, and that’s had an impact offline too.

Bingo halls are welcoming more people through the doors, while nights such as Bongos Bingo are helping take it to a new, younger audience.

Online is where the major revenue is at however, worth a staggering £153million per year in the UK alone.



For English cricket, it’s been a summer that will never be forgotten. It’s been dramatic, often confusing (Super Over anyone?!) and for the most part, truly inspiring.

That was the aim when it was decided to bring the World Cup to the country, and with a magnificent Ashes series that has followed, more and more people are loving a sport that had become largely disengaged with.

At Old Trafford, home of Lancashire Cricket Club, they welcomed record numbers, with a 300% rise in sales.

The ECB will introduce The Hundred next season as it will look to capitalise further on this interest. It  will be broadcast live on the BBC, reaching a larger audience, just as the World Cup Final did when it switched to Channel 4 and free-to-air.

Board games

We all thought they were dead, but no, board games are enjoying a revival and is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 10% over the next few years.

Yes, kids are ditching the PlayStation as tabletop games become more inventive and technology allows for 3D printing. They also offer a a more bonded experience with family and friends in comparison to staring at a screen and playing an opponent on the other side of the world.

Though, how long this will last is uncertain.. The next big thing in video gaming could come along and blow the industry out of the water again. But if you have an inventive board game idea, it’s certainly time to have a roll of the dice.