Cryptocurrencies that will do well in 2021

bitcoin rises in value

If you’ve been a crypto enthusiast for a long time, a natural concern for their performance never leaves you.

Consequently, you must be wondering about the status of various popular virtual currencies and their potential fate in the future. Here are our predictions about virtual currencies as we step into 2021. According to crypto experts and analysts, these will be the best performing assets. As a result, investors should certainly keep an eye out for these top 7 cryptocurrencies as they prepare to startle us in 2021. For more information visit yuan pay group.


As expected, this wonderful cryptocurrency tops the list with its volatility and endless potential. It is very much the beginning and end of talks in the crypto world with everything else falling somewhere in between. Bitcoin continues to grow with its goal to become a global, peer-to-peer currency that keeps away from government authorisation or centralisation.

We’ve already seen countries opening up to the possibility of Bitcoin. Moreover, the trend is only likely to grow further. With the market craving for some Bitcoin, there’s certainly a bright and prosperous future for it ahead.


Seems like prospects follow popularity entirely as we see Bitcoin and Ethereum top the list. Ethereum with its smart contract feature has remained among the all time crypto favorites for a long time. The wonderful cryptocurrency allowed easy app creation on laptops and smartphones through this useful feature. It has been faring extremely well over the last few years, and thus gives investors enough reason to place their trust in it. With its liquidity being right behind Bitcoin, buying and selling Ethereum is extremely easy.


Litecoin seems to be another trending crypto token in the market. Its market cap and liquidity currently are certainly remarkable. These factors make it recommendable to investors more than ever. Its popularity makes room for good returns. Investing in Litecoin helps investors stay away from trapping themselves in small market communities that do not guarantee great returns. It is currently working as a high block reward. Also, its currently limited quantity in the market could well be the reason for its success in the coming year.


Young investors in the market could well look upto NEM for new investments. This particular crypto token stands out and is extremely attractive for a variety of reasons. The harvesting feature coupled with the proof of importance step helps create a fair market. In fact, the market is drastically contrasting when it is compared to the Bitcoin market. Other merits include quick transaction speed and a loaded potential that could work wonders in the future.


Often seen as Ethereum coming straight out of China, this all new cryptocurrency also seems to have quite some power and potential in store. Launching decentralised applications is something made possible by NEO too. This feature resembles Ethereum precisely. In fact, reliance on “smart contract” too works just the same way. The technology working behind this cryptocurrency seems to be reliable and quick, making quite some room for it to thrive in the market. If you’re looking to its 2021 fate, we might have some interesting results for us due to its steadily increasing momentum and popularity. That being said, it is easy to conclude that a large portion of its popularity comes from its basic similarity to Ethereum.

Basic Attention Token

Another popular utility token that has been unraveling power and popularity happens to be the Basic Attention Token. A majority of its growth has been seen in the last three years. Analysts in the cryptocurrency world believe that it certainly shows potential and could continue to do well in the market. The token has a very interesting use as it can be used to pay useful content creators on the internet that one comes across. Such a token holds a lot of power when it comes to the web development and content creation industry. With an entirely unique concept at hand, the future of this cryptocurrency seems to be brighter than a lot others.


Somehow, EOS has come to take Ethereum’s popularity a little inch by inch. Investors who faced problems with the interface and working of an Ethereum based system seem to have found a good refuge in EOS. Having overcome a lot of demerits that were noted with Ethereum, the prospects seem bright for EOS just as much. Understanding how the currency works is super easy and there are several advantages brought to the forefront by EOS.

Here are the top 7 cryptocurrencies we feel could work wonders in the coming years. What are your thoughts about the ever changing world of cryptocurrency?