COVID19 & future of printing industry in the UK

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Coronavirus, also known as COVID 19, is a global pandemic that affects us all in different ways.

Some companies can send their workers to do it from home, or what is the same, telecommute to stop this spread of the virus, in other cases, companies that are not essential close temporarily with very high losses, especially for SMEs, these companies will be opening as the de-scaling progress, yes, if they can.

But there is something they have in common and that is the doubt about how this pandemic will affect us all, especially in the economic, psychological and social spheres.

To know the impact that this pandemic has or will have in the future for the world of printing and graphic industry there are various studies. A recent study conducted by Print Week revel that about 30 of UK based high street print shop will close their business due to covid 19 effect on business and one of the biggest London based printing service Printing London  said they are business fall by 30% because of the Lockdown and covid 19 effect.

Print week study also has been carried out through different surveys that have been aimed at different sectors such as customers themselves, distributors, sellers and commercials, among other possibilities. More specifically, the content of the surveys was based on asking what was the personal opinion of each one of them about the pandemic and how they thought it was going to affect each of their businesses specifically, and they were also given the option that their

Results were public or anonymously public, yes, there was a condition that the responses were very sincere. And if they were clear, the results reflected the following:

– It has had a very drastic impact on sales activities and in the figures related to the service and manufacturing industries. In the short term, he commented that they had to advance money to buy equipment, along with the recurring decrease in income.

– The weakness of the current market, with this, customers avoid spending more than is necessary taking into account what may come next. They point out how important face-to-face meetings with clients are, something that is currently not possible.

– Certain businessmen believe that the impact will be marginal in this sector, that the population and the leaders of the country’s most hit by the pandemic are exaggerating a lot. They believe some smart marketing campaigns can be done that will very well compensate for the meetings that had to be cancelled.

– It affects both monthly and quarterly figures, this is because most of the business has been cancelled or will be done at another time. Taking into account that it is a crisis that affects us all, we will have to adjust to circumstances.

– Many companies already notice the impact, that is, they notice that there is a fear of acquiring certain things in the long term, print volumes plummet quickly and customers tend to cancel what they have pending. Many of them choose to adapt to conduct these meetings electronically whenever possible.

– It is a learning experience for everyone, one that the way of doing things is changing forever. Business relationships and sales strategies are tested before getting started. So the UK printing industry and who know how to adapt in the best way possible will have to share their personal experience so that others do the same and that they can continue to be successful.