CoinRabbit Crypto Lending: Flexible Solutions for Any Market Conditions

While seeing the red and green markets usually the question is: buy or sell, or maybe hold? This issue appears especially during moments when the market moves by tens of percent per day.

Sometimes it is difficult to resist and not succumb to a general panic, which leads to inevitable mistakes and the loss of their valuable assets.

CoinRabbit crypto loans provide an opportunity for each client to receive a  part of their funds in stablecoins in a growing market and then use them to change the strategies and increase assets amount for long-term investments or, on the contrary, to get assets to play on shorting and earn on a falling market.

However, we all know that sometimes there are periods of stagnation, or if we just want to wait out the right moment in the market – then why not use CoinRabbit Earnings to passively increase your wealth without putting any effort into it?

But what if we say that on this crypto lending platform you can implement your strategy with the help of crypto loans in just a few minutes without unnecessary verification processes, time constraints and other bureaucratic difficulties?

What is crypto lending?

The CoinRabbit platform provides an opportunity for holders of crypto assets to receive stablecoins without selling their coins, and always get them back. (except for cases when the collateral already dumped by 45% and was liquidated). To counter the market volatility, these loans are over collateralized, which provides the possibility of crypto lending itself.

Therefore, even if the assets are subject to volatility, this will not affect the amount of loan repayment and its conditions.

All coins on the CoinRabbit platform are located on ultra-secure cold wallets, to which only certain encrypted IP addresses have access. This practice is used by already proven service partners such as ChangeNOW and Guarda Wallet.

How can a Crypto Loan be useful for you?

Based on the market position and your strategy, you can always use a crypto lending for the next situations:

Bull market loan cases:

– If you believe in your asset and want to continue investing in it, then the loan will give you the opportunity to buy more coins you need


  1. Take BTC as an example. If 1 BTC is equal to $40.000, then for your deposit of 1 BTC you will receive 20.000 USDT
  2. Next, you buy for 20.000 USDT about 0.5 BTC
  3. Let’s assume that in 3 months BTC expects +25% growth. In this case, the value of your acquired assets will already be $25.000
  4. Next, you should redeem your deposit of 1 BTC for 20.000 USDT
  5. The fee for 3 months will be only about 2.4% (10% APR)

In this case, your profit will be $4.500 or 0.12 BTC

Remember that you can perform such actions multiple times.

– If you want to reduce the risks of your portfolio and rebalance crypto assets that can increase the volume of your crypto portfolio

– If you need funds for daily purchases, you can use this in order to cover your needs without losing valuable assets

– Protect yourself from market volatility. When the loan is repaid, receive the same amount of assets, regardless of their current price

These are just a few examples, you can always add to this list many of your other cases.

Bear market loan cases: 

– In the conditions of the red market, you can exchange your stablecoins for the assets you need and sell them at the current rate. Further, as the market moves down, you can buy assets back cheaper and pay the loan, a small percentage of the fee and get a profit

The strategy may be different, it depends only on your goals


  1. Let’s say you decided to borrow BTC and received 0.625 BTC for $50.000. At the same time, the price of 1 BTC at the time of the loan is $40.000
  2. You sell or exchange 0.625 BTC at its cost. For such a sale, you will receive about 25.000 USDT
  3. Let’s assume that in less than two months there was a recession in the market and the BTC rate is already at $ 30.000. Further, you can buy for 25.000 USDT you will receive 0.835 BTC
  4. In this market condition, you will receive a difference of 0.21 BTC after taking out a loan from CoinRabbit
  5. Then you return the loan and get your deposit back, it turns out that if the annual interest rate is 10%, then the commission for you will be only 0.0125 BTC
  6. After you send the CoinRabbit the amount to repay the loan, which is 0.625 BTC, and get back your deposit of 50.000 USDT

In this case, your net profit will be 0.1975 BTC or $5.925

You can repeat this strategy over and over again.

In case of your expectation of low market volatility:

In case you are not sure about the movement of the market or just want to wait out the next storm, you can always take advantage of the CoinRabbit Earnings opportunity and gradually increase the amount of your funds passively.


If you already decide to replenish your deposit for 35,000 USDT, then in one year you will be able to earn $ 2,100 in net profit without any fees.

Unique Loan Terms:

– The following coins are accepted as collateral: BTC, ETH, DOGE, NANO, DGB, XMR, FIRO, UNI, LINK, BCH, CHZ, MKR, SNX, CHZ, ENJ, COMP,  SUSHI, BAT, FTM, YFI, BNT and this collateral list is always growing

– The time of all procedures for issuing a loan and closing a deposit usually takes under 20 minutes

– There are no time frames. You can borrow and give loans whenever you want

– No KYC procedure or verification, no credit histories

– Any maximum deposit amount (the minimum is only about 100 USDT)

– Annual Percent Rate is 10%. Customers can pay commission at any moment of time before the loan is closed. (which has no time frames)

– No additional fees for loans longer than 30 days

– If a significant dump occurs, the risk control system will send you several warnings about potential liquidation

– The ability to increase the deposit amount at any time and reduce the likelihood of risks of global dumping (or pump for bear loans)

– 50% LTV (loan-to-value) gives you the opportunity to buy about the same amount that you would have had after liquidation.

How to get a crypto loan and start earning

  • In order to get a crypto loan, you should navigate to the CoinRabbit website and select the “Borrow” option at the top of the page
  • Select the pair and enter the loan amount in stablecoins (USDT ERC20 / USDC / USDT TRC20)
  • Enter your wallet address and add your phone number to track the status of the loan and manage it in a special form
  • In the column “Your address for the payment of stablecoins” you should enter the address of your stablecoin wallet
  • After entering your phone number, confirm it by entering an SMS code
  • After confirming your number you will receive the CoinRabbit address for sending the deposit
  • This will be followed by a security check. It usually takes under 20 minutes to receive your funds