Cannabis oil is increasing in popularity in the UK, here’s why


Cannabis oil is often associated with cannabis as a drug. However, these two things are very different.

It already starts with the production process. Cannabis that is being consumed as a drug is grown and then dried. Consumption usually takes place by smoking it. This process does not only bring in cannabis over the lungs, but also byproducts such as tar. This is harmful to your health. But there are more differences…

Differences cannabis and cannabis oil

The major difference between the plant and its oil is the presence of THC. This is a psychoactive component that can be found in the plant. When smoked, this provides you with the feeling of being high. Lots of people do not consume cannabis to get ‘high’, they are looking for ways to reduce stress, anxiety, or relieve pain. For these people, the presence of THC is very undesirable. They are officially not allowed to drive (which is highly discouraged) and cannot function normally in society. This is where cannabis oil comes in.

The production process of the oil

Now that we have seen how people grow and consume oil, it is time to look at the oil. There are typically two production processes that can be followed. The first production process revolves around chemicals. Chemical products are added to the plants which help to retrieve the working components of cannabis and create an oily substance. Then, the chemicals are filtered out and the oil remains. This is the product that can be consumed. Normally, there are only small remainders of the chemicals in the product. This is not harmful to your health.

The second production process, however, is preferred. This involves the use of CO2 to extract the oil from the plant. This means no chemicals are being added and that the end-product is pure oil. This is a healthier and high-quality product but also comes at increased costs.

No THC present

When you consume cannabis oil, you can use it for a broad range of use cases. From anxiety to restlessness and focus: there are dozens of them! The benefit is the lack of THC, meaning you can go on with your daily routine without the impact of psychoactivity. For many people in the UK, this is a helpful oil that can help them overcome daily challenges. Therefore, cannabis oil should not be considered as a drug similar to cannabis.

Providers of the oil

Many producers are active throughout the UK and Europe. One of the leader providers is RoyalQueenSeeds. They grow their cannabis in Switzerland and produce it there before shipping it to their facilities in the UK. CBD oil from RoyalQueenSeeds is produced using CO2 extraction and comes with the highest quality available on the market. You can easily bring it on your travels throughout Europe.