Can playing casino games become your full time role

Many of us play casino games with the hope of winning money. However, they remain nothing more than ‘games’. Winning money through casino games relies on luck.

But what if there was a way to make a steady source of income through casino games using ‘skill’?

Professional casino players do exist – they solely make money through playing casino games. There are also a growing number of people turning online casino games into a side hustle while continuing to keep up more steady and stable forms of income. This goes to show that it cannot all be down to luck and that there can be ways to make money through casino games. But how?

The ‘casino games are fixed’ myth

Casinos are designed to make money, which leads many people to believe that casino games must be rigged and that players will always lose in the end. However, online casinos like and are under tight regulation to operate fairly.

A certain amount of math is used by casino operators to try and calculate risk, which can be used to calculate jackpots and persuade players to keep playing. But there’s no real ‘fixing’ going on, giving players a fair chance to win money.

Understanding the game

Certain games can be studied and can have certain strategies applied to them, which makes it possible to lower the risk of losing money (and increase the risk of winning). This includes poker and roulette to a degree. These are the types of games that you want to study when turning casino games into an income.

The likes of blackjack and baccarat have a much higher house advantage and rely more on luck. Most career casino player will avoid these games.

Understanding local legislation

Different countries have different rules and different laws surrounding casino games. For this reason, it’s important to study the local way of doing things. Gambling in different countries could be a completely different ball game – casinos may favour certain variants of games, they may pay out less and you may even be taxed on your winnings.

Free spins and free bets

One of the big ways in which people make money through online casinos is via free spins and free bets. Sites often offer these to new players as a way of encouraging them to sign up and keep playing – but there’s nothing to stop you from taking advantage of a casino’s free spins and free bets and then moving onto the next online casino. If you win money with these free bets and free spins, you’ll have won money without spending anything.

Keeping a budget

Online gambling is addictive and many people don’t know when to stop. If you’re going to treat it as a form of income, you need to keep a cap on your losses and this means keeping to a tight budget every time you play. Just like investing money into a new business strategy, you only put in as much money as you can afford to lose.