Best place to put your router to improve Wi-Fi signal

Wifi router

So the position you put your Wi-Fi router at plays a very huge role in the speed of the internet coming from your wifi.

Least did you know, but everything, even the electric interference to the room you choose to place your Wifi router menu at affects your browsing speed.

But because you are here, you don’t have to worry much. As today we will be telling you the Best place to put your router to improve the Wi-Fi signal. After all, you are paying the bill and you deserve the high-speed wifi. Therefore today we will help you to get the same.

Best place to put your router to improve Wi-Fi signal

  1. Avoid The Kitchen Area- Aside from just spilling something sticky or wet on the wifi router, it is not advised to keep your wifi anywhere near the kitchen area at all.

The reason is that putting the wifi near electric appliances as well as large metal objects could disrupt your wifi signals. Have you ever wondered why your wifi works slow when you are in the kitchen area? This is the reason behind it. Hence, it is way better to keep your wifi router away from large electric and metal appliances like microwaves and refrigerators.

  1. Place Your Router In The Center- The best part of the wifi router these days is that they transmit in all the directions in the circle. This means, more centrally you place it, the better could be your home’s overall wifi coverage.

Don’t put your router near the window. Because it will mean that you are broadcasting outside as well as inside and sending some of your strongest wifi signals outside your house. Which affects your Wifi speed a lot.

Another reason to put it in the center of your house is to avoid outside people accessing your wifi.

  1. Adjust The Antenna- Many wifi routers especially the older models come with adjustable wifi antenna. Therefore, it is advised to tweak your wifi antenna a little to achieve the best reception.

According to the general rule, if you have kept your antenna upstairs to try and achieve a stronger signal on two floors. Then it is better to turn the antenna sideways if it is placed on the ground floor. Just tilt it in the side, but keep the angle upward only.

  1. Avoid Walls If Possible- You might be thinking how foolish it could be. Because it is nearly impossible to avoid walls inside the house. But to be honest, thick walls make it harder for wifi signals to reach in different rooms.

As the walls absorb the signals too and it could decrease the quality of your internet broadband. Try to put it somewhere close to the doorways or in the room where you all spend most of your time like in the living room. So that you can have strong wifi signals for most of the time of your day. It could be the most beneficial for you if you could avoid the walls.


So, these are some of the best places to put your router to improve Wi-Fi signal. No doubt, wifi is one of the most important things for everyone these days.

Slow internet speed is very irritating and therefore it is better to try the above ways so that you can get the high-speed internet all over your house. This is all from our side about the Best place to put your router to improve Wi-Fi signal. Now you will not face any problem regarding the internet speed at all.