Best e-commerce platforms for startups in India

In this steep competitive era, every start-up wants to augment their presence and thus, they are desperately looking for some solutions which can uplift their mileage, enhance their sales volume, and can help them to acquire more customers.

Indubitably, an e-commerce site is blessed with all these features and that’s why start-ups are showing their interests for e-commerce websites to get a global recognition.

Let’s take a look at some of the best e-commerce platforms for the start-ups.

WooCommerce:WooCommerce is one of the most applauded and a powerful open-source eCommerce plugins, which comprises of a chunk of features, which enables a WordPress website into an E-commerce. WooCommerce has a lot of free themes and plugins which can make your e-commerce site more functional and active.

Most important advantages of these plugins are they can enable various features to the basic WooCommerce software in a single click and most of theses plugins are free for downloading and installation. WooCommerce extra product options is one such plugin that equips the product page of Woocommerce site with many additional features like collecting input fields, file upload option, date and time picker, color picker, price selector, location selector etc at an ease. With WooCommerce theme, you don’t need to work on many things for your website except you need to incorporate the content into your site.

Shopify: The popularity of Shopify is simply astounding among the start-ups. This online shopping platform is valued by small business owners because it is specifically designed for this niche market. This platform is crammed with many features along with some top-notch themes.

This is a cheaper platform as compared to the others and the basic plan starts from $29 per month. Shopify provides a mobile app for both managing your store and accepting payments. You can easily integrate this platform with others like fulfilment centres, shipping carriers, and drop shipping companies.

Volusion:This is a cloud-based e-commerce store which comprises of all the basic functions of running an online store. If you are comfortable editing the CSS and HTML code, then this is the best platform for you. With Volusion, this task is important if you want to optimise your template. Volusion is very SEO friendly platform, so if you want to achieve higher ranking for your products, then use this platform.

Volusion also provides you with both iOS and Android apps so that you can check your online store. You can also connect this platform with social media sites. The starting price of this platform is $15 per month while the premium version is $ 135 per month.

Magneto:With more than 200000 users, Magnetois another popular free open source e-commerce platform for start-ups. Magneto is also crammed with many user-friendly features that can make your website more compelling. Though there is a paid version for upgradation, still it is free. If you want you can customize the user interface. Magneto provides multi-lingual sites which can load up easily as per the user’s demographic location.

shift4shop: Another hosted e-commerce platform that has been in the market since 1997, includes all the features needed to build, market and grow an online business. 3dcart cheapest plan starts at $9.99/month, with no transaction fees, unlimited products, bandwidth and packed with SEO features out of the box.

Opencart:Opencart is another best e-commerce platform for developers as it is easy to use and lightweight. Opencart is ideal for start-ups as it doesn’t take much time to build and customize a website. The upsides of this platform are

  • Easy to handle and thus, anyone can manage it.
  • Ideal for the start-ups as the cost is very low
  • The features are robust and good. The large catalogue works wonders for order processing.

Zencart:Zencart is a very popular open source e-commerce platform and anyone can use it even with a scant knowledge of development. Zencart is created so that people can easily develop their e-commerce sites without having a professional development degree. Zencart is more user-friendly than any other open source e-commerce platform.


  • Zencart is a secured software which means your site and other imperative information will remain protected by this software.
  • Zencart is thronged with a wide range of features and full customization options.
  • With Zencart, You can directly send out HTML emails from your website.

If you want to establish yourself firmly in the field of E-commerce domain in India, then the first important step is to identify one of the best companies in the web development India arena, and then you need to prudently choose your e-commerce platform which can fulfil all your needs and criteria. Also having a proper marketing strategy is very important in getting your ecommerce website to the next level.