Benefits associated with getting an Illinois medical marijuana card

Illinois medical marijuana card

It has been only one year since the legalization of medical marijuana in Illinois and the outlets are struggling to keep up with demand.

Experts say that since the introduction of the Illinois medical marijuana card, people are more open and responsible with the use of marijuana. For you to be a cardholder, you must comply with the state law and requirements for it. You are eligible for the card if you have a medical issue. The first step to obtaining the card is to visit a physician and get a medical prescription. From there, he or she can advise you on your dosage, based on your condition. Here are some advantages to having an Illinois medical marijuana card.

You Have Access to Quality Medicine

Before legalization, patients had to risk doing time to get medicinal marijuana. They would not get good quality either. Marijuana obtained from the street is sometimes laced with other drugs for recreational purposes. Marijuana made for medicinal use is held to strict quality standards. With the new system, the patient is assured of clean products made under stringent medical laws.

You Have a Steady Flow

In the past, patients had to go for cannabis from unreliable sources. You find something that works well for you, after a while, it is not there anymore. With the legalization program, patients in Illinois can now have a steady supply of medicinal marijuana. Medicinal marijuana is a medical product that is produced under tight medicine laws.

You Have Access to Cheaper Product

Illinois patients receive medicinal marijuana at friendly prices. Once you register for the card program, you are eligible for up to thirty percent in discounts. The medical program patients are also taxed at a lower rate, more so if they are chronic patients. This makes it worthwhile for a patient to register for the card program.

Minors Can Access Medicine

In the past, it was illegal for minors to use or have marijuana. Some patients with serious conditions such as ALS, cancer, HIV/AIDS, traumatic injuries, and depression among others benefit from medicinal marijuana. Minors can now get a medicinal marijuana card, under the set guidelines from the state of Illinois and access the medicine.

Patients Can Grow Their Plants

The law allows you to grow up to five marijuana plants in Illinois. However, you must be registered under the card program after following the required steps. Homegrown marijuana should not be for sale. You only grow for your use. If you are growing for a senior citizen or a minor, you must have the right documentation as well.

Safety and Using Guides

The medical marijuana card program has introduced safe use conditions. Patients are advised to consult with a physician first, then register for the card. This is because physicians help you to know your correct dose. For first-time users, you have a variety of products to start slow and progress from that. This way, they are guided all through the process and learn how to use medical cannabis safely.