Averting Disaster: Why Emergency Plumbers Offer A Vital Business Solution


When business operations are disrupted it can be costly. There are all manner of reasons why businesses get disrupted. In 2020, there was a pandemic. And in 2022, the UK was hit with months of strike action.

Strike action last year cost the economy £1.7 billion. Your business may not have been hit in this way. But, it will suffer some kind of disruption at some point. A small business can be impacted by absenteeism for instance. And sometimes disaster strikes.

Businesses need to plan for business continuity and recovery times for when a major incident occurs. The cost of downtime can be considerable. And a swift response is needed to reduce the impact of downtime.

How emergency plumbers help commercial operations avert disaster

Natural disasters, fire, and network breaches may cost businesses valuable uptime. But, something as simple as a burst pipe can impact a business just as much. Calculating how much your business will lose if it stops operating for just an hour is simple.

Divide your weekly income by the number of hours your business is open. For example, if your small business makes £100,000 a week and runs for 40 hours, then you will lose £2,500 every hour your operations are down.

Having an emergency plumbing service on call helps businesses to mitigate financial losses due to burst pipes and floods.

How do emergency plumbing services help businesses save money?

The quicker your plumber responds to an emergency call-out, the less damage will occur. A serious leak could cause a business to halt operations, and the damage incurred can be costly.

Emergency plumbers help commercial establishments through the following:

  • Rapid response time
  • Preventing costly damage
  • Experience and expertise
  • Ensuring the premises are safe
  • Minimising disruptions
  • Compliance and regulatory codes

A rapid response time means the problem is addressed quickly. Broken pipes can pour hundreds of gallons into an establishment in mere minutes. With electrical wiring and equipment around, a commercial unit will soon become a danger with water building up.

Health and safety is a factor too. Sewage can back up in plumbing systems and pose a health risk. Plumbers will help businesses recover quickly, and ensure that all safety codes are met.

Water hygiene is vital in all industries, and professional plumbers understand the importance of health and safety.

Services provided by emergency plumbers

Generally speaking, emergency plumbers offer around-the-clock services. Many businesses operate outside of traditional working hours. Therefore, emergency plumbers need to be available 24/7.

Sometimes, problems aren’t visible. For instance, you may notice bad odours in your establishment. This can be a sign there is an issue with the sewage system. Or there may be blocked drains and pipes.

Any business that is customer-facing will need to deal with this type of problem swiftly. Establishments such as restaurants will lose customers rapidly over these types of issues.

Emergency plumbing services include:

  • Sewage systems
  • Gas leaks
  • Clogged drains
  • Burst pipes
  • Water heater malfunction
  • Blocked toilets

Your business could be unwittingly breaking health and safety laws without you knowing. Apart from the damage to your pocket, plumbing problems may hit your reputation too. You may not even have a say about closing. The local health and safety officer may order your business to close temporarily.

The financial benefits of plumbers for businesses

If your leak seems minimal, it could be tempting to overlook it or put off repairs for a while. It may seem overkill to call out a plumber for a small leak. However, the damage could be building up out of sight.

Moisture build-up leads to a number of issues for homes and commercial establishments. Mould and damp can occur. Plus, certain parts of your building will become weakened.

Fixing plumbing problems will prevent much bigger costs down the line. Water damage can cause thousands of pounds to repair, and all the while, your doors will remain closed to customers.

Business closure

Sewage leaks and contaminated water present serious health hazards. And mould or damp are harmful to human health also. You could be placing your customers and your staff at risk.

Ignoring these types of plumbing issues may lead to your business being temporarily shuttered. Many small businesses would struggle to cope financially with a loss of revenue in these circumstances.

Half of small businesses have only enough cash in reserve to survive for one month if disaster hits. Fixing plumbing problems will help operations to continue, with no cash flow crisis.

Loss of reputation

Word travels fast through online reviews and social media. If you have a plumbing problem that involves toilets backing up or unpleasant odours, then your customers may not return. Not only will you suffer a loss of customer retention, but your reputation will be hit too.

Many businesses that have been forced to close with pest problems or other disruptions have failed to come back afterward. A loss of reputation in the restaurant trade for instance can be irreparable.

Avert major disaster

Looking at the worst-case scenarios, plumbers can help businesses avert serious incidents. A gas leak could be potentially disastrous if left unchecked. And long term exposure to leaks physically weakens buildings’ structures.

The importance of commercial plumbing maintenance

Emergency plumbers deal with all manner of plumbing repairs and installation. They also carry out assessments and provide maintenance services.

Preventative maintenance is one way to avert ever needing an emergency plumber. Although disaster can strike through no fault of anyone, preventative maintenance at least mitigates the risks of a catastrophic flood.

Spot wear and tear

Commercial plumbing systems are used heavily each day. This means they suffer wear and tear far more than residential plumbing does. Maintenance lets the plumber spot potential problems early on. Faulty fixtures or leaks will be seen before they manifest into a serious issue.

A disastrous leak could lead to a flood very quickly. The damage done here may affect flooring, carpeting, and decor. For a commercial business, this will have a serious financial impact. Not only will your business need to close with a loss of revenue, but you will have to pay restoration costs too.

Optimise water efficiency

Preventative maintenance of this nature will help avoid costly repairs later and reduce utility bills. Thames Water reports that about 24% of water is lost through leakage. Stopping dripping taps and leaking pipes will reduce your water balls.

Improved health and safety

Instead of waiting until you spot a nasty smell or see a toilet backing up, carry out regular maintenance. Plumbers will be able to spot potential health hazards such as mould growth and find the root of the problem.

Scheduled maintenance along with certain tests will ensure your establishment is safe. Water quality can be tested and there are tests for backflow prevention also. Preventative maintenance helps with compliance and meeting legal requirements.


Emergency plumbers help businesses to continue operating with minimal downtime. With revenue and reputation at stake, a swift response is vital. Emergency plumbers can be called before any visible problem is noticed. Strange smells and gurgling noises can indicate blockages and sewer issues.

Preventative maintenance for commercial establishments is also crucial. Regular checks and maintenance work will help to avoid serious problems, and perhaps avert a disaster.