Alcohol addiction: how to recognize it?

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Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can cause several health problems. Among them, alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction is not unusual and has been a phenomenon for centuries.

Over time, the sales of alcoholic beverages have increased considerably, thanks to the different forms of marketing. As a result, the number of people who abuse these drinks for one reason or another has also increased. A vice that becomes alcohol addiction.

What are alcoholic drinks?

A drink is a liquid that can be swallowed. Specifically, alcoholic drinks contain ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Two types of drinks are distinguished within the category based on the preparation process:

Alcoholic fermentation: it is one of the most common preparation processes regarding alcoholic drinks. Fermentation takes place in the total absence of oxygen. Through microorganisms, energy is obtained from organic molecules (carbohydrates). It is the way in which wine, beer or sparkling wine are obtained.

Alcohol distillation: this is the process by which alcohol and water are separated from a previously fermented liquid. Through this technique whiskey, tequila and rum are obtained.

Alcoholic beverages generally accompany main meals or are drunk during parties and celebrations. They also serve to accentuate certain flavors, as is the case with white wine.

In general, spirits have a pleasant taste and if consumed moderately, they bring benefits to the body. Some of these are:

They increase body temperature (useful in cold periods).
They help prevent or eliminate gallstones.
Wine brings antioxidants that are good for the body.

Alcoholic drinks can be dangerous

Although alcoholic drinks can add an extra touch to a romantic dinner or any other social gathering, they are not essential. Unfortunately, however, the media have contributed to spreading the false idea that alcohol favors fun, so much so that many people exaggerate and consume excess. In other words, people have forgotten how to have fun, how to find happiness and well-being without having to resort to alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages can become an easy escape route which, however, does not lead to any solution or even to happiness. It is true that alcohol has a pleasant taste on the palate, but there is a risk of becoming dependent on it, with serious health consequences. Below we will explain how to recognize alcohol addiction.

How to recognize alcohol addiction?

Drink quickly

Drinking quickly is an indication of a possible addiction, linked to the fact that the person shows an anxiety that overcomes his ability to self-control. In general, this problem is also associated with games with alcoholic beverages, so the goal is to drink more in less time.

Drunk person

The social circle is a valid risk factor when it comes to assessing a possible addiction. If a person chooses friendships that drive them to abuse alcohol, it is possible that over time they develop an addiction. In general, a person who has an alcohol addiction surrounds himself with friends who have no limit or sense of proportion when it comes to buying or drinking alcoholic beverages.

The deterioration of personal relationships is another clear sign of an alcohol addiction. For example, when those around you do not consume enough alcohol, the alcohol addicted person tends to move away or end communication. Those who have an addiction distance themselves.

Apologies and preferences

Drinking alcohol regularly can indicate an addiction. The person could apologize or justify themselves in front of others when asked about the habit of drinking so much. In addition, those with an addiction may still have preferences for certain alcohol products. They really need private home detox but if they fail, they can turn to medical help from hospital.


If a person is impatient to drink, it can mean that he has developed an alcohol addiction. For example, he uses alcohol before a meeting or meeting that still provides a buffet with food and alcohol. He has no reason to do it, but he drinks anything that contains alcohol, rum, whiskey or whatever.

By knowing the symptoms above, you can increase your chances to depend entirely on alcoholic drinks. If you find yourself addicted, you can try detox from alcohol at home.