Adrian Fox Brings The Caribbean Struggle Into Global Focus 

Bahamian philanthropist Adrian Fox has found a way to break through the news clutter and put the plight of the Caribbean’s indigenous peoples on central stage fo the world to see.

Typically associated with first world luxury, the Caribbean islands are home to some of the most destitute and impoverished peoples.

Adrian Fox- a Bahamian entrepreneur and philanthropist- has a mission to start to bring critical support in the area for the purposes of improving disaster relief as well as curbing economic stagnation in the area.

Through his non profit- the Fox Foundation- Adrian is bringing global awareness to the suffering many of his compatriots experience and connecting donors from around the world to activate their support.

For instance, in a recent essay published by the international news site J Post, Fox took on the recent catastrophes experienced by the citizens of St. Vincent (which otherwise got very little news coverage) in order to start ameliorating the situation there.

Fox went on to state:

“Possessing direct experience of living through a natural disaster, as well as coordinating a response to one, I am deeply attuned to the difficulties facing the people of St. Vincent as they emerge from this crisis.  In 2019, our own organisation, the Fox Foundation, was involved in taking private vessels to Abaco to assist with the evacuation efforts, as well as partnering with the Buddy Hield Foundation to distribute food, water, and generators to all those affected by the hurricane. It also launched a Go Fund Me campaign to reach donors from around the world, to help with the ongoing devastation that the island still faces today”

Hopefully more advocates and social justice fighters will pick up Fox’s mission and bring broader relief efforts and financial contribution to many of the struggling Caribbean communities.