A guide to finding the best web designers for a small business website

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London, one of the most influential global cities, is simply outstanding! Being called the most powerful city, it is indeed, most famous for work.

On the one hand, it is one of the most expensive cities, and on the other, it is the most investment-friendly. A city that reflects so many colours undoubtedly has no shortage of web designing agencies.

Perhaps your startup has to be a little careful about the budget now, but every entrepreneur deserves a striking introduction to the market, no matter what. But is it really possible to find the right web designer for your small business in a big city like London? Continue reading this article to know how to find the best web designers in London. Let’s explore!

Web designers in London—What You Want and What You Get

Being one of the oldest cities in the world, London has its own charm. From sports to politics, culture to entertainment, the city is truly one of a kind. To keep up with the modern technological and digital advancements, London has progressed substantially with countless online marketing agencies in every nook and corner.

But not all agencies can guarantee what they promise. Web designing is an important activity, and it has certain technical aspects and aesthetics. While some incompetent agencies might attempt to talk you into their high-paying packages, you must be aware about the industry standards.

Here’s a guide to finding the best web designers for a small business website:

Identifying the Right One

Web design is envisioned and executed depending on a few factors, such as:

  • Type of business

  • Customer base

  • Site bandwidth

  • Search engine friendliness

But mostly, when you look for a web designer, you would end up on the page of an agency that might not suit your budget limit. Fortunately, there are London-based freelancer teams if you specifically want web designers in London. They have the same level of experience and expertise you would get in agencies.


For entrepreneurs, finance is often an obstacle. But when you engage a freelancer, he or she would mostly quote reasonable charges, yet, you can achieve your investment return. Check whether their claims are results-oriented and how their portfolios look like.

Some freelancers even give you a 30-minute session of consultation, which is entirely free of charge. This session helps you decide whether or not to proceed with their professional services.

Getting WordPress Sites

If you are one of the customers who already have a design or a PSD layout that must be developed in WordPress, the freelancers will get it done seamlessly. But even if you are in need of 360-degree assistance, the professional designers will build your site from scratch. From conversion to support—hire a profession who can take care of everything.

Some of the London freelancers are also offering 30 days of free website maintenance. Connect, discuss, and then decide which professional to choose.

Transform Your Site into an ECommerce One

From selling ice cream around the London Eye to having a decent store that serves classic fish and chips to fellow Londoners—your website might enjoy better conversions with an eCommerce format.

When you are in discussion with a developer, ensure that he or she can deliver you an eCommerce site or transform your existing one into one. This would help you in expanding your customer base and enhancing your brand presence.

Get It Optimized

A common misconception amongst several business owners is, SEO works only for online businesses. Some even think online marketing can never replace the old school ways. Well, the truth is, both can co-exist. But, from this article’s perspective, if you are ambitious with your business venture, you need to have a well-designed site. And SEO is your first step towards getting one.

Be it Greater London or its outward urban expansion, a fair number of web designers include SEO in their packages. If you follow this guide, the capital city will not disappoint you regarding your search for the best web designers.