5 reasons why construction fence signs are a must for any building site


An open site can be a hazardous and dangerous zone for both the construction workers and the public. Besides that, it’s usually an eyesore and possibly a target for burglars and vandals.

This is why fencings and fencing signs are put in place in construction sites to reduce various risks and threats.

But do you know that there’s actually more to fencing and fencing signs than just being a shield? Here are five reasons why construction fence and fencing signs are needed for construction sites.

To Secure The Area From Trespassers

The major reason why construction fence signs are needed during construction is to prevent trespassers from entering the premises. People tend to trespass unintentionally while passing by construction sites. It might be that the trespasser was walking or driving past and mistakenly made way through the open construction site. This is most common for road constructions.

Asides from unintentional trespassing, some are just curious to know what building project is going on or to see how the project looks. So, they might move closer than allowed to get a clearer view of the construction. In fact, some might turn their curiosity up a notch and even enter the site to know what is going on. All these could affect the construction going on in one way or another and is why constructing companies and contractors get construction fence signs to secure the building site.

The construction site shield could be a strong temporary fence with mesh banner printing attached to it. Temporary fencing would then be rounded about the site to keep trespassers and intruders off. That way, your construction operations wouldn’t be disrupted by people walking or driving by, and your construction materials will remain secured, as well.

You won’t have to worry about trespassers possibly destroying the work you’ve started/done during holidays and night times, when you aren’t at the site.

Protection Of Construction Workers And Members Of The Public

Aside from preventing trespassers from gaining access to the site, the use of construction fence signs helps protect both the construction workers and the public passing by. Fence banners can be used to mark restricted areas that might be dangerous zones. If at all trespassers find their way into the construction site, fence banners will indicate to them areas that could get them harmed.

For drivers passing by, construction fence signs with brightly displayed FenceWrap will indicate that construction is going on, and the driver needs to carefully drive by or drive through another route. This is most common with road constructions, though. For people walking past the construction site, banner fences can create distancing, thereby blocking dirt and debris from flying out at them. Even the construction workers have zones that might be out of reach due to possibly dangerous equipment or tools in those areas.

It could also be used to warn people about in-progress constructions that have serious potential hazards. Having construction fence signs around those potentially dangerous areas and zones would help the workers know that only authorized personnel can go to those areas.

Construction fence signs can also be used to remind workers and visitors of the need to wear proper safety gear while within the construction site. With these, the risks and threats of construction site accidents can be prevented. See here for safety tips for your construction sites.

Advertising And Marketing

The use of construction fence signs is an effective way of showcasing your building and construction business. In fact, it’s an affordable way of advertising and marketing your firm to the public. It’s affordable yet effective because you will be killing two birds with one stone.

First, your construction fence sign will perform its primary duty of demarcating the construction site from the external property. Secondly, if you use an appealing yet durable fence wrap such as PrintMax for your construction fence, it’ll perform the duty of advertising and marketing your construction company to different audiences.


Particularly, if your building project is spectacular and appealing, attractive construction fence banners bearing your branding will promote your brand and identity to the public. This would give others who might not have known your brand the opportunity to now know and patronize you.

To get your advertising and marketing A-game on with your construction fence sign, you should use high-quality fence wraps that are brightly-colored enough to be captivating. Also, the fence wraps should bear your construction company’s branding style and logo to make it stand out and easily recognizable.

Keeping The Project Concealed Until Completion

For diverse reasons, you might want to keep your construction project concealed until completion, using construction shield wrappers will help you achieve that. Normally, it’s hard to conceal construction projects after the construction has gained momentum, but it’s doable.

You can use fencing banners to conceal your project and block outsiders from viewing what is going on within. In order for this to be achievable, you would have to keep layering the fencing banners and adding more according to the height of the building to help it stay hidden from view.

For instance, you can use fab-looking mesh banners to conceal your in-progress building. The banner’s attractiveness and visual appeal will slightly take away focus from the building being constructed until you’re ready to unveil it. At the same time, the banners will help build up people’s interest in the completed architectural frame.

The excitement buildup particularly helps if the building is to be used for a specific purpose that needs the attention of the public. Also, the excitement buildup will be a form of marketing and advertising style for your construction company. This is because people would appreciate the beauty of your work enough to want a building like that as well.

Serves As An Important Notice To The Public

Fencing sign banners also help to keep the public updated about information regarding the ongoing construction project. The fencing banner can inform the public about who is funding the project, what the building would be for, and the likes.

Crediting the contractors, subcontractors, and more would give them a highly appreciated recognition and exposure. Besides, if the construction is affecting the movement flow in the construction vicinity, your fencing banner can appeal to the public to forgive the inconveniences for a while.

Also, the fencing mesh could inform them of the project duration. When working on a public or government project, you should have a banner or billboard that carries a notice to the public: the only exception to having this is if the project manager instructs you otherwise. If the project isn’t for the public but could impact the public indirectly, you could have your fencing banner indicate this.

For instance, it’s not unusual to see construction fencing signs communicate that an ongoing construction is an environmental sustainability-based building. The public would appreciate this effort, and some ‘green lovers’ might be even more inclined to patronize the said construction company later on.

Types Of Temporary Fencing

There are various types of temporary fencing, and most of them perform similar and dissimilar purposes. Depending on the type of construction project you’re working on, you might require more than one type of temporary fencing. Here are 3 of the most commonly used construction fencings.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is the most widely used fencing at construction sites. This is because it’s considered to be the most effective for keeping trespassers and intruders away. It’s usually made strong and durable to last the construction duration and even longer when need be. If you use high-quality mesh banners, your fencing will secure your perimeters and also appeal greatly to the public. As such, it’s also a marketing strategy for you.


Barricade fencing or water-filled barriers are other popular options construction companies use in fencing their construction sites. Construction barricades are usually small, but they also perform the main duty of mesh fencing — keeping external individuals away from the site. Barricades make people aware of the ongoing construction. Typically, barricades are used during road construction to direct the flow and movement of people and vehicles away from the construction site.

Post Chain Link And Panel Chain Link

Post chain link is a type of fencing that’s also used to keep intruders and trespassers out. It’s usually cemented into the ground for the construction duration as an efficient way of barring unsolicited entry into the site. Mesh banners can also be placed around it to display information or notices.

The panel chain link is different from the post chain link in that it isn’t pounded into the ground. This makes it easy to set up or remove at any given time. Although it’s also used in barring unsolicited entry, it isn’t as effective as the post chain link.


You should secure your construction site to prevent injuries as well as the destruction of property. Asides that, construction fence signs are a means of concealing the site till is ready for unveiling, preventing unnecessary trespassing and theft, and passing information to the construction workers and the public. However, you shouldn’t forget that the signs could also be used as a marketing tools, so, you should use fencing signage that’s eye-catching and informative.