5 proven ways to build stronger brand presence in your community

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In case you own and run a local business, you probably feel like David going up against the Goliath of strong national brands.

Nevertheless, in recent years, spending and shopping locally became a habit for local consumers.

They are well aware that this way, their money spent at local businesses stays in their community and helps make it a better place for everyone. This is one of the main reasons why 90% of customers shop at a local small business at least once a month. Still, just because you are a local small or medium-sized business doesn’t mean that customers will patronize your position and walk straight into your shop or offices.

To run a successful local company, you need robust and consistent brand marketing. Even though you’ll never match the huge national corporations’ brand marketing budget, you can still somehow beat them within the community you operate with powerful and effective local branding campaigns and strategies. In the following article, we’ll present to you our five effective ways on how to build a stronger brand presence in your community.

Invest In Local Partnerships

Join forces with other local entrepreneurs, and make sure that your objectives align or complement each other. If you are uncertain how to connect with other business owners, join the local chambers or community service groups to expand your network, specifically if you’re starting your business venture. Afterward, you can find suitable partners to run campaigns that promote each other’s brands.

As community love is all about helping each other and helping people where they are struggling, this is another exciting way of reaching out to local businesses. For example, if your door-to-door business neighbor is an old-school entrepreneur, you can spend some time to educate them on how to market themselves on social media platforms, or how to use a how to use a free online PDF editor, such as JotForm  to help them create more polished business documents to share with colleagues, services, and customers. This will give your brand a social cause and shows to your local business community that you are a team player who’s always there for the locals. Simply put, establishing a trusted brand is way more manageable when you form trusted connections locally.

Community Involvement

The local consumers are smart, and they can quickly tell which businesses actually care about their community, and which ones just care about looking like they care. If you are interested in building a stable local brand, you will need to get involved in the local community activities. Besides making the whole community better, community involvement will clearly show everyone that your brand is committed to the local area.

You can donate a piece of your profits from one month to a local charity, sponsor a local sports team, create a scholarship for a local high school senior, get involved in local government or the Chamber of commerce, and even sponsor a local community or charity event. If you opt to take part in a local community or charity event, you can create a branded id lanyard with name tags for each participant in the event. This is a subtle yet effective way to let people know which brand is responsible for the organized event and that you are genuinely committed to the local community.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

As of 2020, if a brand doesn’t have a social media presence – it may not even exist. Social media marketing is a must-have, primarily if your clientele consists of millennials and the younger generation. Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies for some time now. Through social media, you will be able to grow your brand’s visibility and raise brand awareness without breaking the bank for it. It’s also a fantastic way to promote your brand to potential customers and create job leads with the use of specific lead generation tools. If you want to add some local flavor to your social media presence, you can always share any local news you think will be of interest to your audience.

Use Lingo That Proves You Are Local

Each local has nicknames for specific areas of town, street, or districts. You can use local dialect to describe your location and use local landmarks. For example, everyone from Dallas will know what “We deliver to the M streets” means, or “5 minutes from BU” proves that you’re from the Boston area. Try to celebrate local events, culture, and lingo as much as you can. Many restaurants promote specials around Cinco de Mayo in places where a large Mexican-American population resides. Believe it or not, local weather can also give you free content for promotions. The cold up north or the heat in the south, or even particular weather events like snowstorms or hurricanes, can demonstrate you cater to local needs and provide opportunities to promote your local business.

Stay Creative

Unique and effective branding will never get boring. It’s always exciting, new, and creative! People will never stop to get drawn by creativity, for better or for worse. In your case, try to make it for the better, of course. Be inventive and original in your branding. Distinguish your brand through funny ads, catchy jingles, or a unique commercial premise. You can even endorse a local celebrity to come down to your shop or offices and engage with the local community. Whatever you choose to do, never be afraid to brand your business outside the box.

Final Thoughts

When the initial stages of your branding efforts begin to bear fruit, remember to stay consistent and keep the fire burning. Local branding is an on-going process that never stops across the life-span of your business. Local clients should always see and feel your brand as a part of the community through various local partnerships, community involvement, and whatnot. Never forget that inconsistency is a deal-breaker for even the biggest cooperative brands. Always aim to keep your brand’s message and voice the same on multiple marketing channels and never forget to invest in the local community since it’s hard to lose when you give back.

Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels