10 ways to upskill in the workplace


In this career-focused world we live in, we’re always looking for ways to upskill in the workplace.

Here are ten useful ideas to help you become more proficient at your job!

Work On Your Social Skills

Working in an office with a lot of colleagues is bound to bring up some issues. It’s very unlikely for everybody to get along. You can on the other hand upskill yourself by learning how to communicate non-violently – check out this guide from wikiHow. That way you’ll be able to deal with issues without causing any offense and be more likely to achieve the results you had in mind.

Get More Niche

Try to become very good at one particular skill set. That way people will come to you when they need help in that area. You’re making yourself unmissable and it will help you secure your position in the workplace.

Upskill By Learning A Programming Skill

Nowadays the internet and some basic programming skills are practically essential to functioning in any workplace. This is one way of niching down and making yourself known for a particular skill set. Learn this by investing in a tailored training especially designed for your workplace’s needs. You can learn these skills through free online programs, or through hands-on training sessions like those offered by YLD.

Train Your Office Knowledge

Does your office work with some very particular programs? Upskilling in them could give you the promotion you’re looking for. Find yourself a course (online or offline) to further improve your competences. That shows willingness to improve yourself and will give you more future chances.

Invest In A Managing Course

Set your eyes on a managing position? But don’t feel confident enough to actually do the job? There are tons of opportunities for you to become better at the competences needed to manage a group of people. Ask around a bit. There is sure to be some possibility for you to take a class and become more proficient. You could even go a step further an enroll in a full-on course like the famous Masters in Management from London Business School.

Learn Administrative Skills

If you have some basic understanding of how the administration of your office works, you could make it easier on a lot of people. Simply by delivering the correct information to the right person. Or printing out the right forms – Mixam is a good place to start for this. You’ll save your co-workers a lot of time and you’ll become a more time-efficient working space.

Declutter Your Desk

Your notebooks, your pens, your giant printing station – these are all things that clutter up your desk really fast. Clean this stuff off, give your drawers a designated subject. You’ll never lose another document, have a pen ready at all times and your mind will be more clear to focus on the tasks at hand. Clean desk, clear head!

Boost Your Productivity

We are required to work too many hours a week to actually be at our most productive. Try out some techniques to give yourself a productivity boost. One of these techniques is the Pomodoro technique. You’ll block your time out in sessions of 25 minutes with 5 minutes breaks. It’ll help you get in flow and stay more focused.

Focus On Important Tasks

If you start your day by answering emails, it’s likely you’ll never stop. The first couple of hours are likely to be your most clear headed ones. So save this time for important tasks and defer your emails to the afternoon.

Learn To Lead A Training

Maybe you’ve got some specific skills that you can teach others at your workplace. So why not help the whole office to upskill? Learn how to help others become more proficient at a particular skill. That way the whole office wins and you’ll have a boost in your numbers.

Time to get to work and upskill yourself!